Whether you work from a home office, or as part of a larger corporate setting, your workspace should inspire creativity, productivity, and organization. After all, a workspace should work for you, giving you the tools and innovative features you need to perform your best throughout the day.

Creating a productive and comfortable workplace requires just a little extra forethought, effort, and attention to detail. Here are some helpful tips and tricks you should consider when selecting the right office furniture and setting up your ideal workspace. 

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Working 9 to 5

Before purchasing office furniture, consider the amount of space and storage you're going to need. For some, it's important to keep files within arm's reach, while also having room for peripherals like a printer, conference phone, and an extra monitor. If so, consider a desk with built-in wire management to keep cords organized. If all your workspace requires is a laptop and some office supplies, a simpler setup will suffice.

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Spacial Relations

Whether you’re in a corporate setting or a home office, space constraints will often dictate the ideal furniture configuration. In a dedicated office space, you’ll likely have more flexibility for a full executive set up. In a small office setting – such as a cubicle, or home office – your options may be more limited. In these cases, a more compact design, or modular desk system may be your best option to maximize space.

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Studied Style

Your office should be a place you want to work in each day and maybe even offer space for collaboration, so be sure to incorporate a little bit of style. Wood is great for a more mid-century or transitional feel, while steel and glass collections create a more modern look. If your office is in your home, keep it consistent with your décor and personal aesthetic.
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Work Smart

If you aren’t comfortable at work, you won’t be productive. The ideal sitting position puts your knees at a 90-degree angle, with your feet flat on the floor. Your screen should also be an arm’s length away to reduce eye fatigue. For optimal benefit, consider a height-adjustable standing desk that will allow you to keep yourself in motion with periods of sitting and standing throughout the workday.

Features to Look For

To help consumers make efficient use of their time when at work, the BDI design team continually learns what workers need most from their office furniture and what will increase their comfort and productivity in the workplace. Our hard work pays off, resulting in office collections that are thoughtfully engineered and designed with innovative features that promote beautiful and functional workspaces.

Storage Solutions

Essential office supplies should have a space of their own while remaining within arm’s reach. Lined pullout drawers help keep contents secure, and allow for seamless cord connection. Many of BDI's file pedestals and multifunction cabinets also come with locking drawers, adjustable shelves, printer trays and locking wheels.

Wire Management

Between a monitor, printer, cell phone charger, work phone, keyboard and desk lamp, the cord clutter can really add up. BDI office collections are designed with built-in wire management, helping to keep your cables organized and out of sight.

Durable Surfaces

The ideal work surface should be durable, mouse-friendly and easy to clean. BDI desks feature scratch-resistant satin-etched glass desktops, along with other durable surfaces designed to handle everyday office demands.

Be Versatile

With flexible and functional workspaces in mind, BDI office collections offer a range of innovative solutions. This includes desks that can be incorporated into a modular system, or partnered with other pieces in a collection, providing endless possibilities to the workday.

Perhaps more than anywhere else, the office is a place where features and design can play a big role in workday performance. A little investment in creating spaces designed for productivity and efficiency can help take the “work” out of your workday, and bring many returns for years to come.

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