Lean into style. With its clean look and strong architectural lines, Stiletto adds dramatic contrast to any wall. Whether using a single shelf alone or combining multiples to fill a complete wall, this versatile ladder shelf system can be used to create storage solutions of any size.

Select a Single Shelf, a Stiletto System, or Customize Your Own.

Providing a perfect storage solution in smaller spaces, the Stiletto single and double shelves make great use of vertical space with a small footprint. But if you are looking to make a true statement, select a Stiletto shelf system that combines multiple shelves, creating dramatic wall systems with loads of storage space. Stiletto systems can be configured in any order.

If you need additional options, add shelf extension kits (5701A and 5702A) to customize your wall system to any size.

Stiletto leaning ladder shelf wall system BDI 570222 walnut 1440 810
Featuring hardwood construction and tempered grey-tinted glass shelves, this unique ladder shelf system provides a sturdy foundation for a host of books and collectibles.
  • Lean On Me Stiletto features a sturdy leaning ladder frame that utilizes a slim footprint.

  • Open Display Space Grey-tinted tempered glass shelves are secured to the frame, recessing as the slope ascends.

  • Level Support Four leveling points ensure the shelf rests securely against the wall and on the floor.

Stiletto shelf BDI 5702 5701 A 5702 A walnut pairs with office media 1440
The Stiletto Shelves partner beautifully with many of BDI's media and office collections, adding much-needed storage to any space.

Keep Building With Stiletto Shelf Extensions.

Need to create an even larger system? Extending a Stiletto system is simple with the addition of a Stiletto shelf extension kit. 

1. Select the Stiletto system that will serve as the foundation for your wall system. 

- Shelf units within a system can be configured in any order. 

- Individual single and double shelves each have two side rails. Stiletto systems include two end rails plus a divider rail(s) that connects two shelf units.

2. Add shelf extensions as needed until you reach the desired length.

- Shelf extensions are available in single-width and double-width sizes.

- Shelf extensions include a divider rail only and do not include side rails. They must be connected to a complete shelf or system.