We are all shocked by the ongoing atrocities occurring in Ukraine. The gravity of this conflict is tremendous, and the people of Ukraine find themselves abruptly fighting a war that nobody asked for.

At BDI, we have been fortunate enough to partner with a small company based in Kyiv for over a decade. We have visited them in Ukraine on multiple occasions and they have also been to visit us here in the States. We know them to be among the kindest, hardworking, and genteelest of people. Our hearts are breaking knowing what our friends and colleagues are going through.

At times like these, it is easy to feel helpless. It may seem like this is happening in another part of the world and there is nothing that you can do.

But there are quite a few ways to help.

Below, we have compiled a list of charities and resources that urgently need our support. Please, do what you can to support this worthy fight. It is a matter of standing up for what is right, and protecting what is good. Thank you!

Зберігайте Україну сильною. Ми віримо в вас.
Stay strong Ukraine. We believe in you.

Americares is prepared to deliver medicine, medical supplies, emergency funding and relief items to the region and has activated its roster of staff and volunteer medical professionals in the event they are needed to provide surge support in neighboring countries.

Catholic Relief Services and their partners are on the ground preparing across Ukraine and in bordering countries, ready to provide safe shelter, hot meals, hygiene supplies, transport to safe areas, counseling support and more.

National Bank of Ukraine provides direct local support for Ukraine’s armed forces as well as humanitarian causes within Ukraine.

International Committee of the Red Cross is responding to urgent humanitarian needs, with ICRC water engineers and doctors aiming to help more than 3 million people access clean water and improve the living conditions of more than 66,000 whose homes have been damaged by heavy fighting.

Razom is on the ground in Ukraine, currently focused on purchasing medical supplies for critical situations like blood loss and other tactical medicine items.

United Help Ukraine is focused on delivering medical supplies, humanitarian aid and raising awareness for Ukraine’s battle for freedom and independence.


Well-known international charity organizations are, also mobilizing to provide assistance and relief to Ukraine. The following have been strongly recommended by the Better Business Bureau, and each include specific links to donate to the Ukrainian:

Amnesty International has assembled in full force, gathering evidence of human rights violations in Ukraine and along the border. Emergency donations help fund Amnesty's research to hold those who break international humanitarian and human rights laws accountable. Amnesty is committed to defending individuals likely to be targeted, like human rights defenders, journalists, and LGBTI Ukrainians.

Direct Relief is working directly with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and other on-the-ground partners to provide urgently needed medical aid, including emergency response packs intended for first responders, oxygen concentrators, critical care medicines, and much more.

International Rescue Committee is on the ground in Poland supporting displaced children and families with vital supplies. Your gift will help them provide food, medical care and emergency support services to refugee families in countries like Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen.

Save The Children is focused on providing children and families with immediate aid, such as food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support and cash assistance.

UNICEF is amping up efforts to deliver safe water to families in communities where water systems are barely functioning. They are providing health care, nutrition and education support where services are severely lacking or have shut down entirely. And they are focusing on protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse in the face of increased threats of gender-based violence and the risk of harm from mines and other explosive remnants of war.

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We recommend that you double-check that you are on the organization’s legitimate site, as hackers have seized this moment of crisis to set up dummy sites. Also, beware of any suspicious personal solicitations that come into your email inbox as they may come from hackers as well. Especially avoid any solicitations requesting donations through PayPal; Ukrainians within Ukraine are unable to receive funds through this service. A safer bet is to go directly to the charity sites listed who are actively offering various forms of assistance to Ukraine.