At BDI, our beautiful and thoughtfully engineered designs are no accident. Before you ever see any of our furniture at your local retailer, months - even years - of research has been completed. During that time, different designs and models are thoroughly reviewed and tested with only the finest making the final cut.

Take our line of standing desks, for example. We're all aware of the health benefits that a standing desk can provide, but we saw that there was a lack of beautifully designed high-end executive styles available. While functional, the available options did not deliver the versatility and styling that we believed that the category deserved.

So we set out to elevate the notion of a standing desk, and here's how we did it. 

Sequel Lift Desk BDI overhead design story

Raising the bar.

Impeccable attention to detail, premium design and materials, and user-friendly features are at the heart of the BDI line of standing desks.


Great design starts with high-quality materials that are not only beautiful but provide excellent durability. To accomplish this, we incorporated elements such as our luxurious satin-etched tempered glass desktops, along with elegant wood veneers, so that our standing desks would be not only functional and enduring but attractive office centerpieces.


Meeting BDI's stringent quality and design standards, the leg lift mechanism underwent an extensive 20,000 cycle test to ensure that it is built to last and will reliably elevate your workday for many years to come. Taking it a step further, we also used a 220-pound load during the testing process, meaning your desk can carry a heavy workload with ease.


Because the motorized legs are the heart of any standing desk, we incorporated a three-stage lift mechanism, which offers a greater range of height than the standard two-stage mechanisms seen on the market. As a result, our lift mechanism raises and lowers more quickly and smoothly - offering improved stability at taller heights - and eliminates the desk "wobble" associated with cheaper solutions.
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Business Partner

Whether in a corporate or home office setting, BDI sit+stand desks are designed with versatility and functionality in mind, making them ideal for collaborative and shared workspaces. With an emphasis on form-with-function, a BDI standing desk helps to create workspaces designed to maximize productivity.


The BDI-designed keypad can save various height settings for multiple users and can be installed on either the left or right side of the desk. To be certain that the keypad always looks as new as the day the desk was purchased, a 90,000-rub test was performed to ensure that number printing will not wear off over time.


BDI thoughtfully incorporates cable management into each Lift desk design. Solutions include power strip and wire management ledges, cable passages, and a cable routing channel that runs down the back of one of the legs to keep unsightly cords out of view.


Some BDI standing desk designs offer multiple desktop sizes and optional or included flip-down, pull-out drawers — an option not commonly seen on the market — that feature cord holes for a wired keyboard and mouse, or charging your phone and are lined with mouse-friendly non-slip material to keep contents in place.
Centro office BDI modern white desk system design story

A Complete Office

All BDI standing desks are part of a more extensive office collection that includes complementary storage and filing solutions to create a more complete office setup.

A New Standard.

By combining beautiful design, thoughtful engineering, and impeccable attention to detail, BDI sit+stand desks provide the versatility, functionality, and features that will help you perform at your best each day, all while offering a variety of styles that will be at home in any workspace.

We may not have invented the standing desk, but we went through great lengths to design them better and set a new standard for high-end executive solutions.