When we challenged our designers to select a beautiful, but durable glass surface, we had the highly competitive home office category in mind. When we got it right, we saw nothing but potential across virtually every category we design for.

Why use a unique glass surface? The answer was simple: We knew that we could provide a better, more durable product that could withstand the rigors of daily use, but still have that touch of elegance and fine design our customers expect from us.

Traditional glass surfaces are flawed. They are difficult to clean and are apt to smears and oils. When electronics are involved, their bright screens lead to distracting glares.

Matthew Weatherly went to work to locate a current process that would provide a beautiful, smooth, satin matte surface, but instantly faced several challenges. You couldn’t use a sandblasted surface, as it would leave a textured look and still leave smears.

The solution was in the solution.

“We’re different from other furniture companies who just design something to look nice. We work to make a product work better.”

Bill Becker

Weatherly began a search to identify an existing multistage process that would offer the smooth surface he desired, starting with an acid bath solution used to modify the top-glass surface. The top surface was then etched, the bottom surface painted, and a vinyl cover was placed on the underside for shatter protection.

The final result was worth the effort. 

The satin-etched tempered glass provides a soft, smooth look that’s not overly glossy. It provides a smooth writing surface and stands up to the latest computer technology, including optical mouses. 

The process has allowed us to expand the color wheel and add black, white, toffee, platinum and even aqua finishes to several other products including our Verra Mobile Bar, and Semblance modular system. 

Our customers expect functional, beautifully designed furniture that complements their homes. Making that happen goes beyond the schematics. It requires attention to every detail. The satin-etched tempered glass used by BDI is the result of fine design meeting thoughtful engineering.