BDI office furniture collections offer innovative design features that carry form and function to new levels, making your workspace the most comfortable, productive, and inspiring space that it can be.

While the office furniture you select should provide the basics of a good work surface, storage, and organization, you also want your workspace to be versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and clutter-free.

Read on to learn how BDI office furniture features are thoughtfully designed to work for you.

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Attention to Detail

BDI's office solutions incorporate helpful features designed to make your workday more organized and productive.

Built-in Wire and Cable Management

A typical home office usually includes several necessary devices, including a laptop or desktop computer, monitor(s), a printer, a phone charging station, and more. This array of equipment inherently comes with many electrical cords, giving you a potential mess of wires to wrestle with.

Rather than leaving you to DIY it all with twist ties and duct tape, which could damage your walls, furniture, and cables, BDI has incorporated features into our office collections that provide elegant wire management solutions to fit your needs.

Desktop Cord Openings

Many BDI desks include a generous opening or groove at the back of the desktop surface for cleanly routing and organizing cords from your equipment.

Power Management

BDI incorporates a dedicated channel or ledge under the desktop of most desk models for affixing a power strip. This allows all cords to be neatly routed and plugged in under the desk, keeping the work area clean from dangling cords.

Cable Routing Channels

Many of BDI’s standing desks and select regular desks are engineered with a cord channel attached to the leg to route the desk-mounted power strip cord. This minimizes the number of wires that must plug into an outlet and reduces tripping hazards.

Drawer Cable Openings

Desks that incorporate a built-in or optional pull-out keyboard and storage drawer include openings in the back that allow you to route phone charging and other cords out the back to be plugged into the mounted power strip.

Magnetic Panels

Some BDI desk models include magnetic modesty panels on the back of the desk. These can be tilted open from the front for bundling all cords in one place and from the back for access to wall outlets.

Cord Wraps

Some models include convenient cord wraps under the desktop surface, minimizing dangling cables.

Cable Cradle

Soma standing desks include an innovative wire management cradle that supports wires for a clean, organized look, quickly releasing when access is needed.
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Curbing Clutter

Integrated wire management keeps your workspace organized and free of dangling wires.

Storage Features and File Security

BDI offers a variety of storage and filing solutions in various sizes, configurations, and finishes. Through thoughtful engineering, we have designed our office cabinets to suit the needs of a modern workspace better while offering additional solutions that keep your work files and materials securely stored away and within reach.

Some of the features you can find in our office storage solutions include the following:

Pull-Out Printer Tray

Select BDI storage cabinets feature a pull-out tray for a printer, shredder, or all-in-one. The easy-to-slide shelf lets you access your equipment when needed or stay hidden to keep your work area tidy.

Locking File Drawers

Many BDI storage credenzas and multifunction cabinets feature a locking system that can secure multiple drawers with a single lock, safely storing all of your important documents and files.

Keyboard Drawers

Various desk models include side storage drawers and/or a flip-down keyboard drawer lined with a non-slip material that can act as a mouse pad and help keep contents in place.

Hanging Folders

Our office cabinets feature ample storage for hanging files and can be adapted for letter or legal-sized folders, keeping your documents organized and easily accessible.

Mobile Storage

When available space is at a premium, you can still meet your storage needs with a mobile file cabinet or pedestal. These compact units offer locking storage for hanging files (both letter and legal) and storage drawers for everyday supplies. Best of all, they can be easily moved wherever they're most needed.

Adjustable Shelves

BDI office storage cabinets and credenzas offer adjustable shelves in most models, allowing you to customize the space inside to accommodate supplies and other office peripherals.


Like many BDI media cabinets, our office storage credenzas include flow-through ventilation with slatted doors, shelves, and removable back panels to keep office equipment and electronics from overheating.

In addition to BDI’s office cabinets and credenzas, many of our shelving collections offer a customizable platform for displaying and storing additional office supplies that complement many of our office collections. 

Features include integrated floor and wall leveling points for balanced, sturdy support.   

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Vertical Storage

BDI shelving solutions offer additional home office storage space.

Surface Engineering

Surface materials are often an afterthought in office furniture design, yet at BDI, we are passionate about every design detail and believe the worksurface is an integral part of workday productivity. For this reason, careful thought and engineering has gone into the final product you see.

Here are some ways our design innovation is more than surface deep.

Satin-Etched Glass

BDI’s trademark satin-etched glass is one of our most innovative features that offer a durable surface while boasting a beautiful soft-to-the-touch matte finish that completes the design.

Available in a black or grey finish, our satin-etched glass is smooth yet tempered for safety and durability. Its scratch-resistant and smudge-proof quality requires only everyday glass cleaner and a paper towel to keep it looking pristine. Still, an easy buffing process can refresh the surface and remove any scratches if needed. It also offers a glare-free surface, ideal for a wireless mouse.

Hardwoods and Veneers

For those who love the traditional warmth of wood in their homes, several of BDI’s office collections feature wood-topped surfaces. Available in hardwood and quality wood veneers, BDI offers a range of natural wood finishes designed to complement your decor.

Variations in wood patterns and colors are expected from one piece to the next and will even vary from one panel to another. This organic characteristic of natural wood ensures that each design is a unique work of art.
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Signature Finish

Finding the perfect finish for your home office depends on your overall aesthetic and what complements your home decor.

BDI’s workplace solutions are designed to help keep your spaces tidy, comfortable, well-organized and inspired, thus maximizing your workday productivity. With thoughtful features built in to help you get the job done, a BDI home office means you can love where you work every day.