Organization is one of the keys to a clean, productive, and efficient home office. Today, modern offices often include a monitor, laptop, printer, desk lamp, work phone, keyboard, mouse, cell phone charger, and other peripheral devices requiring an assortment of cords and cables. 

This tangled mess is not only distracting but also clutters up your workspace. Luckily, creating an efficiently organized office space is more straightforward than you might think. 

Here are a handful of useful cable and wire management tips to set you on the path to a tangle-free work zone. 

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Clear the clutter.

The cord clutter can add up between a monitor, printer, cell phone charger, work phone, keyboard, and desk lamp. Eliminate this distraction by organizing and controlling your wiring for improved efficiency and productivity.

Go wireless.

One of the simplest solutions for managing your cables is simply eliminating them. A wireless keyboard, mouse, and printer provide a nice clean and cable-free work surface while offering the same lag-free responsiveness as their corded counterparts.

Stay on track.

If going wireless isn’t an option, consider office furniture that provides dedicated routing channels for cables and cords. For example, BDI’s desks are designed with intelligent and efficient cable management in mind.

Concealed power.

Instead of plugging your cords into a power strip on the floor, consider mounting a power strip underneath your desktop to keep cords organized and out of view. You’ll need Velcro fasteners for secure mounting, as well as cable ties to bundle and wrap up excess cables.

Clip it & forget it.

Cable clips can help to keep essential cords readily accessible, like a laptop charger or your monitor’s HDMI cable, while also helping to keep them organized and tangle-free.

Cover your bases.

Cable covers can help camouflage cords running along the floor or up a wall and come in various colors to blend in more seamlessly. Cable covers also help prevent feet from tripping over any long-running cords, providing an additional safety benefit.

Power up.

A centralized dock or charging station can help organize and power up all of your gadgets in one convenient place while reducing unnecessary cord clutter.

Label your cords.

Do yourself a favor and label each of your cords. Knowing which device a cable is associated with will save you time and frustration. This tip is especially helpful if you have a limited number of USB or HDMI ports.

Shorten them.

Consider wrapping your cords to shorten those long cables for a cleanly organized solution. Mount a cable wrap to your desk for a more permanent management solution, or have a few smaller ones on hand if you require a more mobile solution.

Roll up your sleeves.

Cable sleeves are a great way to reduce the unsightly clutter caused by the different wires and cords that can hang behind your desk, allowing you to bundle them neatly together to create a more streamlined look.

Following these cable and wire management tips for your office will go a long way towards reducing workspace clutter and increasing your efficiency and productivity throughout the day.

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