By Lorri Kelley, President of BDI

Last month, I had the honor of once again participating in the Women’s Health Initiative Tour at the City of Hope in Duarte, California. If you are familiar with City of Hope, you will know there is nothing like it in the country. City of Hope is known as one of the nation’s leading research and treatment centers for cancer, diabetes and other serious illnesses. But it is also so much more.

At City of Hope, more than 1,000 patients a day come in for diagnosis, care and treatment of many life-threatening diseases, while various departments embark on cutting-edge research initiatives. The campus is the site of many industry-leading seminars and lectures, and it also boasts one of the preeminent resource centers in the country, giving patients, families and medical professionals alike access to information. Patients and families can receive on-going counseling and support through their journey, or simply visit the many beautifully appointed spaces for reflection, prayer or personal expression.  

City of Hope serves more than 1,000 patients a day for many life-threatening diseases

There is No Profit in Curing the Body if in the Process We Destroy the Soul.

Credo for patient care at City of Hope

One thing you notice just about anywhere you walk on campus is their theme, and trust me, it’s powerful:  “There is No Profit in Curing the Body if in the Process We Destroy the Soul.”

What this means is their focus is on the total well-being of the entire person, both body and spirit, while fighting the disease they are confronted with. And with everything from research to patient care and treatment to patient/family resources on one campus, it is truly a special place.

As you can imagine, being on campus is a very personal and impactful experience. I was just as moved and overwhelmed by what I saw on this second tour as I was 12 months earlier on my first. 

Throughout my tour, as I listened to their team of immunologists, geneticists, and cancer specialists, I thought about how so many families are affected by these horrible diseases, and the personal and financial strain that puts on them. In our own family at BDI, we have three of our team members who are currently fighting breast cancer. I see their fight and from my own personal experiences with family members and friends, understand that the battle against cancer can be both frightening and emotional. Yet in each of their cases, this struggle has brought out true courage and strength that I greatly admire.

Lorri Kelley participated in the 2nd Annual Women’s Health Initiative Tour at City of Hope

Thanks to the revolutionary practices and advanced technologies being applied to research and the treatment of serious illnesses every day at City of Hope, I left with real hope for the future.  We can actually dare to dream that in six years there may be a cure for diabetes, or in a dozen years we’ll have a way to precisely map how cancer grows in the body.  

BDI's new Pink Bink can be found on the campus of City of Hope

Unfortunately, this research and treatment is very costly. City of Hope, like many similar facilities, depends on the financial support of thousands of donors each year in order to continue their life-saving mission. In the last 50 years, the furniture industry has made a major impact raising in excess of $90M to support City of Hope! As a $126 billion sector with massive power in the market, we have an enormous responsibility to continue this critical effort and to impact our communities for generations to come. 

Inspired by my tour of City of Hope and the fight thousands of families face each day, I am thrilled that as a company, BDI is ready to take the lead and help support this wonderful organization in a bigger way. 

From mid-September through the end of the year, we will donate a significant portion of our proceeds from the limited Pink Bink series back to City of Hope to support their breast cancer research and treatment efforts as part of our #ThinkPinkBink initiative

Consumers can buy a Pink Bink at one our partner retailer locations, or through our own website. Anyone can buy a Bink for themselves, or have one sent to a loved one they are supporting or honoring in their own fight against breast cancer.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of Pink Bink will go to support breast cancer research and treatment at City of Hope

Furthermore, I challenge my fellow colleagues in the industry to think about how they can get their own companies involved in something truly meaningful, something that elevates us an industry and as individuals.   Each of us has been touched by these horrific diseases in some way, so I believe the decision to do all we can to make a difference is an easy one to make. 

The Think Pink Bink Initiative is our way of doing something special and hopefully making a difference along the way. What will yours be?

We would love to hear your thoughts, comments and suggestions here on how can we work together to support the fight against breast cancer!