Now that work-from-home has become a permanent condition for many, Americans are spending a lot more time in their home office and living spaces, which is likely to continue through 2023 and beyond. Even for those who commute to the office, a sense of organization and security in our living spaces is increasingly important. We’re collectively re-imagining how we use our homes and investing in thoughtful, sustainable improvements built to last and make our lives easier.

A well-thought-out space can improve mental well-being and quality of life, supporting increased job satisfaction and personal relationships. However, upgrading interior and exterior living spaces doesn’t have to break our budgets. There are distinct trends in DYI and upcycling and a growing focus on well-made investment pieces.

According to Laurel Vernazza, home design expert at The Plan Collection, “Home design will experience meaningful change in 2023, with some design trends driven by inventive, new ideas inspiring millennials — a generation representing over 40% of home buyers and social media driven— while others will be influenced by the practical reality imposed on budgets by higher interest rates and inflation.”

But how do you know how best to channel your investments into creating a fresh yet timeless and sustainable design for your home? We talked to experts in interior design and related fields to get their take on the best way to improve your spaces in 2023.

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A Studied Approach to the Home Office

WFH has become a fixture in our lives, and there are well-documented benefits for employers and employees alike. Employers can reduce the overhead costs associated with brick-and-mortar office spaces, while employees can replace a long and stressful morning commute and better balance work with life.

Whether you work from home or need a space carved out of your living spaces to separate work tasks, your home office is likely to be one of your primary investment areas in 2023.

“With so many individuals switching from working in the office every day to a work-from-home lifestyle in the past few years, people are starting to invest a lot more money and time in designing their home offices,” says Ryan Fitzgerald, owner of “From standing desks that can transform into sitting desks, nice back-saving, posture-improving office chairs, and many plants and office decorations to help make their home space more workable -- this is where you will see many homeowners invest their dollars in 2023.”

When planning your home office space, consider furniture like desks and shelving with hidden storage, built-in wire management, and customizable aspects that allow you to fit your needs and personality. Also, consider furniture that blends with your decor, making your home design seamless. Be sure to bring in decor and accents that accentuate your personality to make it your own.

"With many individuals switching from working in the office to a work-from-home lifestyle, people are starting to invest a lot more in designing their home offices.”

Ryan Fitzgerald,

Accent walls, which were hastily created by many working from home during the pandemic, will now branch out beyond the bookshelf or virtual background,” says Vernazza. “Expect more accent walls refined to be ‘Zoom-ready,” and express more personality with materials like stone, brick, tile, wood, and modern wallpaper.”

For those without a dedicated home office space, carving out a WFH area can come in many forms. Whether it’s the corner of your bedroom or a nook in the living room or kitchen, this is where multi-purpose furniture like lift-top coffee tables or behind-the-couch consoles can make a space-saving difference.

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Homeowners this year will continue to invest in furniture that supports their work-from-home needs.

Bringing Life to Living Spaces

The past 6-8 months have seen a surge in gatherings with family and friends. Yet, with the continued and expected rise in costs for everything from gas to dining out, we can anticipate many will up their at-home hosting game this year.

“In 2023, people will be interested in investing more in improving their living rooms,” says Fant Camak, Realtor with Coldwell Banker-Caine. “With the pandemic waning, socializing has returned to its old mode. To welcome guests and stand out from other homes, homeowners will focus more on improving their living room space.”

If you’re entertaining this year, you may look at your home and imagine ways to breathe new life into your interior spaces.

“Homeowners are reimagining overlooked alcoves, nooks, and corners to be redesigned into compact, colorful, and inviting spaces,” said Vernazza. “An unremarkable space below the stairs gets revamped with a collection of framed photographs, distinctive art, fabulous lighting, and a vintage cabinet or a dead-end hallway transforms into a tranquil meditation space or cozy reading corner.”

"To welcome guests and stand out from other homes, homeowners will be more focused on improving their living room space."

Fant Camak, Coldwell Banker-Caine

However, you don’t have to plan an extravagant party to consider upgrading your living spaces. If you’re a couple or family that loves movie night on the couch, you may want to consider upgrading your home entertainment options:

  • Create a small home bar area that keeps the merriment at home
  • Upgrade your TV with the latest technology or larger-screen model
  • Invest in a well-designed media cabinet to focus the eye while hiding components
  • Reupholster your furniture to refresh your aesthetic, or invest in accent pieces
  • Go thrifting to find knick-knacks or a vintage corner table
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Entertain in Style

Upgrading your entertainment spaces can range from the latest TV technology to a new home theater cabinet

Creating a Masterpiece in Bed and Bath

Your master bedroom and bathroom are significant spaces in your life. These are the areas you find rest, relaxation, and refreshment. For that reason, bringing comfort, coziness, and a soothing sense of self to these spaces will be welcome this year.

"Spa bathrooms will be a popular home renovation undertaking in 2023, reflecting an increased desire to make one's home more relaxing," says Grace Baena, interior designer of Kaiyo Used Dressers.

Vernazza adds, "In the bath, floating sinks will be the center of attention, especially in small bathrooms and powder rooms. Floating sinks/vanities can make a small space feel larger and enhance the room with their clean lines and sleek look."

While aesthetics are vital to our psychological well-being, technology can also help us streamline our morning and evening self-care rituals. Most of us have some form of smart tech in our homes, whether a smart TV or we’ve gone the whole gamut with lights and appliances networked over our WiFi. You may be surprised to learn that technology is also appearing in bathrooms and bedrooms. Some advancements to research include:

  • Voice-activated showers and faucets (which can improve accessibility for disabled individuals)
  • Smart-home light and sound systems
  • Built-in device charging stations

A new trend to look for in 2023 is smart technology integrated into bedroom furniture, allowing furniture design to maximize the efficient use of technology. Examples of this might include charging ports built into bedroom furniture, nightstands that can be adjusted to accommodate your adjustable mattress, and many other features that help you (and your devices) rest and recharge after a stressful day.

"Spa bathrooms will be a popular home renovation undertaking in 2023."

Grace Baena, Kaiyo Used Dressers

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Rest and Recharge

Bedroom furniture solutions this year will include wire management features and adjustable components built in.

Keeping the Kitchen the Heart of the Home

Your kitchen is vital to daily life, and if it’s cluttered, inefficient, and cramped, it could be a significant energy drain without you even realizing it. There are ways to upgrade and update your kitchen strategically if you would like to put off fully remodeling the space this year. You might also be able to tackle a surprising number of improvements on your own with a bit of time and patience and the right tools.

“Instead of hiring someone to redo parts of the house, many homeowners have resorted to DIY renovations,” says Fitzgerald. “An example of this is refacing kitchen cabinets, which can be done for almost half the price of new cabinets.”

An upgrade could be as simple as a new coat of paint. Or maybe you want to switch to an open cabinet style to show off your unique collection of glassware and pottery. Whatever the upgrade, homeowners will want their kitchens to be central to their home entertaining this coming year.

“We’re also seeing designers add prep pantries to homes, the successor to butler pantries, which is a separate prep area usually located off the kitchen/dining area,” adds Vernazza. “With so much kitchen entertaining, this allows unsightly items to be kept from view in the prep pantry.”

And, of course, smart technology is also making its way into the kitchen. A smart-sensor stovetop can help prevent injuries or fires by turning itself off when it’s not in use. Hub-controlled lighting can increase visibility, safety, and energy savings, and a new smart refrigerator could help you keep track of your food inventory and plan your next grocery list.

"With so much kitchen entertaining, we’re seeing designers add prep pantries to homes, located off the kitchen/dining area."

Laurel Vernazza, The Plan Collection

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Smart Spaces

Technology will continue to enhance indoor spaces with smart appliances and centralized controls

Creating Spatial Relations Outdoors

Over the past three years, outdoor living and entertaining have become increasingly popular. It’s not only a great way to get fresh air and a change of pace without actually leaving home, but it allows you to offer another space for entertaining.

The sky is literally the limit when it comes to thinking about outdoor living upgrades. Beyond a complete outdoor renovation, there are cost-effective upgrades you can make to the porch or patio to create unique and welcoming spaces. Some homeowners are even creating mini workspaces outdoors to offer a change of scenery and allow sunlight to help with mood and focus.

“If you have a garden area, try growing plants native to the area or adding plants that attract butterflies and other insects,” suggests Jeanette Fusco, interior designer at HiHomePicks. “Similarly, if your property has a pool or patio area, add plants that will help absorb sunlight and reduce glare.”

Think about how you most want to use your outdoor space and add pieces thoughtfully that support your mission. An outdoor rug and some potted plants can visually unify your design, while flowering vines and lattice pieces can provide privacy if your neighbors are close.

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Outdoor Living

Entertaining will continue to flourish this coming year, so outdoor spaces will be important areas to upgrade

In 2023, we’re moving toward sustainable, personalized solutions for home decor that render our home spaces more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Now is the time to be creative and let your personality shine through as you look to upgrade your spaces. With some planning, vision, and investment in key furniture pieces, you can create welcoming, inspiring areas in your home that are the talk of the neighborhood this coming year.