First impressions have a way of setting the stage for many things—and the same is true for our homes. When someone first walks into your home, you want them to feel welcome, comfortable and have an immediate sense of who you are. 

Whether you want to make a bold statement with a striking credenza or a more subtle reflection of your style, you shouldn't overlook the impact of a great entryway.  

The following is a guide to help you create a space that displays your personality while making a grand entrance for the rest of your home.

Size Matters

Not all entryways are created equal. But no matter if you have a grand entryway with marble floors, a front door that enters into an open floor plan, or a tiny nook in your condo or apartment, there is always a way to create a statement in your foyer.

Consider using furniture, art, rugs, and other design elements to wow your guests and set the tone for that transitional space between stepping through the door and entering the heart of your home.

Adding tastefully displayed wall art can show off your personality and design aesthetic, while potted plants add a natural, calming vibe from the very start.

If you have the space, a console table makes an immediate design impression while offering you a space for storage of purses, keys, mail, and other objects you need close at hand but out of sight. Several slim or more compact consoles for narrow or tighter entryways can do the job perfectly.

Wall Art

A striking painting, family memories on canvas, or a carefully arranged grouping of black-and-white photographs can lend your entryway an air of sophistication or create immediate warmth.

Consider combining functional pieces with pops of color to make your foyer a visual delight. A comfy bench with natural-fiber baskets underneath, centered below a striking avant-garde art display, can strike the right visual balance while providing a functional space for storage.

You can use this basic template to bring out any number of themes that suit your personality and living space: from rustic to whimsical to modern. Whatever you choose, make sure it sets the tone for your whole home.

Make a Statement With Your Foyer Wall Art BDI

Photographic Canvas

Pictures of family, relatives, and friends can serve as a contrast against often-neutral walls, offering an immediate window into your world upon entering your home.

Statement Walls

In addition to hanging art or mirrors on an otherwise plain wall, you could consider painting one wall in your entryway a striking color or adding wallpaper with a bold, chic design.

If you do this, be sure to visually tone down the effect by placing simple or clean-lined furniture and objects that pull just a little bit from the color or design elements on the wall. 

Balance is key!

Make a Statement With Your Foyer Statement Wall BDI

Bold and Loud

Are you looking to make an unforgettable impression? Consider putting large patterns and bold colors as a backdrop for your everyday items and furniture.

Coat Racks

A coat rack is one timeless entryway element that will never go out of style. Whether it’s a classic wooden coat tree or a true work of art, a coat stand can easily fit into a small space in the corner and be matched with an urn or vase below to keep your umbrellas handy.

If your space is truly narrow, you can add hooks directly to your walls. This is a great element to combine with a statement wall that includes designer wallpaper or bold paint. This also makes a great area to display your favorite handbags.


Ideally, you want as much natural light as possible in your entryway. Bright natural light makes even a small space feel open and inviting.

If that’s not an option in your home, you may want to add some tasteful lighting elements to illuminate the space during the dark hours. Choose a tall standing lamp for a small, narrow space, or install a fixture directly above a table or bench.

For larger spaces, a lamp can perch on a long, narrow credenza or console, or you could try a side table and a small lamp.


Shelves are a great way to tackle several aspects of design and functionality in one place. You can create a visual framework on your entry wall, balancing out a bright statement rug or showing off some favorite sculptures or potted plants.

With customizable shelving, you can create a unique look for you and your space while incorporating areas for display and storage. Just be sure the shelves offer ways to secure it to the wall as a safety measure.
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A stunning entryway is a great and memorable way to welcome your guests into your home while giving them the first impression of your design and home decor aesthetic. 

With a few small touches and well-placed furniture, you can set a tone that makes a lasting impression.