We spend a lot of time in the office, whether at home or traveling to the home office. Often, many of us suffer in an office environment that is not particularly well designed, and we make do with whatever furniture is available to us. 

However, a practical, functional, personalized workspace and thoughtfully engineered office furniture make all the difference in boosting our productivity and overall effectiveness. 

Whether you are setting up a professional corporate space or a home office, here are a few helpful considerations to keep in mind.

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Before you start thinking about what office furniture you will need, make a detailed list of your most essential workday needs. This list should include must-have items for your office, such as a computer, printer, phone, file storage, and so on.

When making your list, think about how you plan to use the space. For example, if you are a graphic artist, you may need multiple monitors and a larger work surface for your design tools and artwork. You may require locking file storage cabinets to protect sensitive documents if you are a consultant. Perhaps a standing or L-Desk is best for cross-collaboration. 


If you are in a corporate environment, chances are your location is predetermined, but you still need to think about how best to use the space. Try positioning the desk with a view of your door or the office entrance and take advantage of natural lighting when possible.

Home offices are much more flexible, ranging from the corner of a family room to a dedicated space in a spare bedroom. Keep your home office free from distractions like areas of high traffic and noise. The important thing is that you designate a dedicated place for work.

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There are many options available when selecting office furniture, particularly the desk—the command center of your workday. 

Look for desks with innovative features like durable surfaces, built-in cable management to keep cord clutter under control, an integrated keyboard drawer, and convenient storage to keep everyday items on hand and out of view.

If your computer requires a CPU tower, consider a desk solution that will keep it stored away, protected, and ventilated.

The right desk should be equal parts inspiration and organization.

The Voca chair features multiple adjustment points to dial in daily comfort.

Don’t forget all of the other elements that make up your office. Having a great desk is one thing, but it isn't conducive to working efficiently if it's piled with paperwork and supplies.

File and storage solutions
come in all shapes and sizes, from mobile and lateral file cabinets to multi-function printer stands and office credenzas. If you have the space—or require additional storage—you can often find office collections that coordinate beautifully for a consistent design aesthetic.   

Make sure that you also consider a quality desk chair with ergonomic support or a standing desk that allows you to effortlessly alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. Trust us, your back will thank you!

While an office may seem like "just a place to work," quality office furniture that integrates the latest technology and intelligent design will promote increased efficiency, productivity, and focus.


Now you have an opportunity to get creative! Try to find office furniture that best reflects your style.

Are you more traditional or modern? Solid wood furniture is often synonymous with a more 'classic' feel, while pieces that feature steel, glass, and wood veneers can be considered modern, midcentury modern, or industrial. For a more transitional environment, consider a combination of these materials.

A professional office needs a cohesive look, so choose a similar aesthetic for your desks, storage cabinets, chairs, and other prominent elements.

For an efficient office, everything needs to have its place. By paying attention to the details during your office setup, you ensure that you create a space where you want to work!

Designed with the home office and personal style in mind, the Centro collection is highly versatile and configurable to meet your needs.