At BDI, we’re in constant pursuit of innovation. That means we’re open to revisiting even our most successful designs to ensure that they consistently meet—or exceed—the needs of today's technology.

Launched in 2008, the Sequel office collection won national awards and has remained one of our best-selling designs, yet there was room for improvement.

“I’ve always been proud of Sequel’s beautiful versatility, but technology and the way we balance our work and our lives are constantly changing,” said BDI Associate Design Director Matthew Weatherly. “We felt it was time to take this customer favorite and provide a few updates for today’s workspaces. So we gathered customer and retailer feedback and re-engineered the design from the ground up, bringing even more versatility and customization to this next generation of Sequel.”

"We felt it was time to take this customer-favorite and provide a few updates for today’s workspaces."

Matthew Weatherly - BDI Associate Design Director

More Than Skin Deep

Sequel 20 features natural hardwood veneers with powder-coated steel accents, but the collection's beauty goes much deeper than that. It truly shines in its ability to create custom configurations that accommodate a variety of spaces. 

Here are some of the new enhancements to the Sequel 20 collection:

Increased Deskspace

We increased the desktop surface of the Sequel Desk from 60” to 66”, making it perfect for multiple-monitor setups or collaborative work. We also increased the depth of the Console/Laptop Desk to 18” to allow it to partner with the storage cabinets or stand on its own as a solo piece.

A New Return

The new Sequel Return can attach to the Desk to create an expansive L-shaped work surface. Or when space is at a premium, the return can be used in conjunction with a compatible Sequel 20 storage cabinet to create a compact workspace.

Power Management Ledge

All Sequel 20 Desks feature an integrated, flip-down power hub for placement of a power strip (not included) beneath the desk, keeping wires and connections organized and out of sight.

Safe & Secure

All storage cabinets in the Sequel 20 series now feature integrated locks to keep documents and other important materials secure. File drawers can be adjusted to fit legal, letter, A4, and foolscap hanging file dimensions.

New Lift Desk Drawer

Both Sequel 20 Lift Desk models can accommodate the new flip-down Keyboard/Storage Drawer. Lined with non-slip material, the drawer is the perfect spot for a keyboard, mouse, and rechargeable devices.

Finish Up

There’s plenty in the way of customization. Sequel 20 offers new O-shaped frame options in Satin Nickel or Black powder coat, which partner with three wood finishes - Natural Walnut, Chocolate Stained Walnut, and Charcoal Stained Ash.

“Part of BDI’s culture is continually innovating and providing the most up-to-date solutions for today’s working and living spaces,” added Weatherly. “We’re excited to offer an even more enhanced solution with Sequel 20, bringing beauty, flexibility, and sophistication to any workspace.”

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