For nearly four decades, BDI has been a pioneer of innovative home and office furniture designed to stylishly integrate technology into how we work, live, and play. BDI's media and office furniture designs have redefined home entertainment and work-from-home experiences, ensuring that meeting the needs of today's technology is functional and user-friendly.

Applying the same methodology and passion for beautifully functional design that we have honed over the years, BDI now brings that expertise to the bedroom. 

With the introduction of the LINQ Bedroom Collection, BDI has reimagined the bedroom experience from the ground up by addressing the needs of the connected lifestyle. Using real-world experience, surveys, market research, material research, and thoughtful design, the BDI Design Team narrowed the field to a category-defining collection that elevates what we expect from bedroom furniture.

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Dream On

From innovative connected headboards with built-in charging stations to unique nightstands that perform in magical ways, LINQ has reinterpreted the bedroom as never before.

"Debuting our first bedroom group, we knew we had to design a collection that would stay true to the brand while bringing something that only BDI could offer into the bedroom," said Bill Becker, BDI's CEO and Design Director. "That's why we are so proud of this collection that includes the unique features and advanced safety elements that it does – it's unlike anything on the market today."

Designed by BDI's Associate Design Director, Matthew Weatherly, LINQ includes two beds, motion nightstands, and storage cabinets. The full suite of products are available in BDI's warm walnut hardwoods and veneers, carrying the rich tones and grains of this natural wood in each piece.

"It has to be a beautiful piece of furniture first."

– Matthew Weatherly, Associate Design Director

True to BDI's design-centric philosophy, everything the company puts into production must be a beautiful piece of furniture first. Though Weatherly and his team have created dozens of stunning designs over the years, the LINQ Collection was not born of idealistic thinking or that common trap of designing in a vacuum. LINQ grew out of BDI's high standards for innovation and functionality, followed by rigorous testing to ensure adaptable, real-world use in the home, designed to last.

After all, with BDI's experience incorporating technology and innovation into our home office and home entertainment designs, why not apply some of what we learned to the bedroom? 

With its combination of beautiful design, thoughtful engineering, and innovative features, the LINQ Bedroom Collection is a dream come true. Here are some of the features that distinguish LINQ from the rest.

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Making a Connection

LINQ integrates technology into the bedroom to keep devices seamlessly and stylishly connected and powered.

Do-It-All Nightstand

Everyone involved in the development and design of the LINQ Collection was quick to point the same finger: the nightstand started it.

Weatherly often stresses the importance of designing for real-life use. "I didn't want to design the 'cover-of-Better-Homes-and-Garden' version of the side table. It was more akin to, 'How do people really live with and interact with it, or make use of the drawer and the top of the table?'" 

In fact, the final designs considered this scenario: a cluttered wire drawer or tangle of cords and power strips on the floor; a disorganized nightstand tabletop covered with charging devices; the pained reach to the back or bottom of the unit to locate, un-plug or re-plug various cords.

It was this thinking and reality that set the stage for a unique set of side tables, unlike anything in the market.

Bedside Manners

The modern nightstand, you could say, is the natural neighbor to the home office. When work is done for the day, or it's time to unwind, it has become customary to recharge our phones, headphones, computers, or e-readers right next to us, at our bedsides.

It's also the place for all our "must-haves" we might need in our routines, including humidifiers, alarm clocks, reading lights, or sleep machines. The LINQ nightstands take all this into account, and more.

Store and More

Many nightstands on the market are designed in a vacuum—they may be beautiful, simple, or straightforward. Still, they do not acknowledge or address the reality of how we actually use our nightstands.

LINQ nightstands feature a unique top that slides forward and drawers for convenient access to built-in power outlets; wire wraps for the organization and hiding of wires; and a beautiful, streamlined look that still provides storage space for the everyday items you want nearby.

By Your Side

Available in two sizes and configurations, LINQ side tables are equally at home nestled next to the bed as they are serving as the charging hub of the living room.

Both the 28-inch and 22-inch tables feature textured pull-out drawers with a soft-close mechanism and a sliding top that extends 8 inches forward. The 28-inch cabinet includes a sliding storage shelf with a 14-inch extension. Both stand on a sturdy base with feet levelers to account for uneven flooring.

These innovations mean the LINQ nightstands will—true to BDI's design philosophy—offer solutions that make our daily tasks easier to perform and enhance the space they are in all the same. 

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"We have always been focused on how consumers use technology in their everyday lives and how we can enhance that with the furniture we design."

- Matthew Weatherly, Associate Design Director

The Bed, but Better

Most people's bedroom is their haven to relax and unwind from the day. Yet BDI knew it could also be so much more, including a central hub for many of the electronics and devices we use daily—many of which are part of our bedtime routines. 

Having thoroughly researched the needs of the modern consumer and what was available in the market, BDI sought out a way to completely re-engineer the bed with a little R&R (rest and recharge, that is) in mind. Enter Up-LINQ and Cross-LINQ.

Going Headfirst

When Up-LINQ and Cross-LINQ were first designed, initial tests were conducted to test scale and height of the headboards to ensure they were the ideal sizes for the average consumer.

Seeing full-scale foam-core mock-ups of the headboards clarified the direction.

Proof of Concept

Various foam-core mock-up rounds were necessary before moving on to MDF mock-ups to ensure the scale and design were on point.

Corner mock-ups for Up-LINQ specifically were essential for understanding hand access for the recessed headboard feature.

Powered for Life

Beyond their gorgeous designs, both beds integrate technology features, including AC power outlets and USB-A and USB-C ports, into both sides of the headboard.

Cross-LINQ's slatted headboard sleekly incorporates a USB-A and USB-C charging station on either side, while Up-LINQ features a recessed shelf built into the frame—convenient storage for a phone, tablet, or e-reader—while they charge via built-in AC outlets, along with USB-A and USB-C connections.

See the Light

Dimmable accent lighting integrated into the Up-LINQ headboard offers a warm, soft white glow, creating a soothing ambiance.

The illumination can be increased, decreased, or turned off, as desired, setting the perfect mood.

Curve Appeal

Beyond a beautiful design aesthetic, the rounded corners of the bed frames also boast a helpful feature: saving your shins from sharp edges!

Likewise, the inner edges of the bed are contoured for smoothness. This, along with recessed feet, make it safer and easier to navigate your way around the bed and make your bed with ease.
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A Soft Touch

BDI uses a range of high-quality materials to complement the walnut's warmth and strength. Its design is also visually soft and approachable, with curved edges, natural wood grains, and a classic touch.

An Elevated Platform.

When designing LINQ, the Design Team sought to further innovate the bed design by elevating the platform: literally. The result is an adjustable platform and frame to allow for the ideal bed height and accommodate for how people want to sleep.

People have different mattresses with different heights, sizes, thicknesses, and even adjustability components. Matthew Weatherly, along with Product Development Manager, Jeff Bare, worked diligently to create a system that would allow people to get in and out of their beds with ease and at their ideal bed height. 

Forget the Sag

Extensive R&D went into the bed platform and the slats—including cost, strength and rigidity, aesthetics, and ratio analysis.

The Design Team did extensive strength tests using several different platform materials, including solid wood, plywood, MDF, aluminum, sheet metal, and more.

No Bumps in the Night

After much testing, the Design Team landed on high-quality upholstered slats, which ensures there is no rattling or shaking when in the bed.

While the innovative upholstered slat system provides full support, it also offers ventilation through the fabric components, all while being economical, tactile, and vibration-dampening.

The slats are entirely interconnected and unroll into the perfect position during assembly.

The Height of Adjustability

LINQ beds offer two ways to adjust for height: the inner bed support system that includes the side and center supports and slat system can be positioned at two heights; and the outer wood frame and legs that surrounds the platform and attach to the headboard can be raised or lowered.

Customized to You

In all, LINQ beds' platforms and frames can each be placed in two positions, meaning that your bed can be assembled in one of four configurations, depending on the size and desired height of your mattress.

This level of adjustability helps position your mattress at the ideal height—roughly 24" from the floor.

Watch the LINQ Collection Video

See some of the innovative features offered by this unique bedroom collection in action.

On STURDY Ground: LINQ Case Goods

The STURDY Act ("Stop Tip-overs of Unstable, Risky Dressers on Youth") took effect in May 2023, and BDI wanted to be ready out of the gate. The STURDY Act sets design and manufacturing requirements to prevent dangerous tip-overs for kids who may climb on dressers and drawers. 

For this reason, LINQ's case goods–which include a 6-drawer dresser and a 5-drawer chest–were designed with numerous design details and safety features in place. This means consumers can be confident in their purchase of LINQ, knowing they meet these stringent standards.

Balanced Design

A proprietary interlock system sets the stage for LINQ's case goods, allowing only one drawer to be open at a time.

This unique interlock system, sturdy steel base, and adjustable feet levelers keep LINQ's dressers/drawers on solid ground. Each piece also comes standard with a safety strap.

Deep Pockets

Both the tall 5-drawer chest and the wide 6-drawer dresser boast generous storage for an entire wardrobe.

Drawers are sized in graduated depths, providing space for larger, bulky items in the lower drawers. Even with the interlocking system in place, all drawers open fully for accessibility to items inside.

Hidden drawer glides allow lined drawers to smoothly open or softly close with a gentle push.
Cross linq bedroom chest sturdy compliant safety anti tip

Safety First

LINQ storage cabinets are engineered with safety in mind to meet the demanding requirements of the STURDY Act.

Added security and stability is enabled by a powder-coated steel base with adjustable levelers and an included wall-anchoring kit.

A LINQ to Everything BDI

Each design in the LINQ collection is inspired and innovative on its own, but the beauty of the collection is also how seamlessly it integrates with other BDI home furnishings.

With its walnut finish and clean lines, LINQ pieces can easily blend with many other designs in BDI's collection. For instance, the bed and nightstands can partner with many of BDI's storage cabinets, tables and shelving. The collection also integrates beautifully with many of BDI's media cabinets and complement BDI's office collections in spaces that may adjoin with a home office.

The goal for BDI has always been to create products that people love and can enjoy for a lifetime.

–David Stewart, Vice President of Sales.

Ultimately, consumers are looking for bedroom furniture that is an attractive, long-lasting investment in their spaces, makes them instantly feel at home, and creates a place to live that is uniquely theirs.  

The Design and Development teams worked hard to meet and exceed these high standards with LINQ. Many were so pleased with the results that they landed on the waitlist to be one of the first in line to get the LINQ Collection for themselves.

BDI is proud to bring such an innovative, thoughtfully engineered, and beautifully designed collection to the bedroom. Here's wishing you sweet dreams! 

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