When you sit down to enjoy some television or a movie night with friends and family, often the moments that stand out most aren’t what you see, but what you hear. Whether it's the dramatic musical score during a suspenseful movie scene, or the impact of an entire stadium erupting in cheers when their team catches the last-minute game-winning touchdown, the sound experience can be just as significant as the visual one. 

However, for many people, sound should be heard, and not seen. 

That’s why BDI designed a series of “hidden sound” media cabinets, featuring acoustically transparent doors, for those who prefer a cleaner and more streamlined aesthetic to their home theater set-up. 

Here are a few unique ways we do it.

Elements Media Cabinet Tv Stand 8779 Soundbar Shelf

Heard, Not Seen

Through thoughtfully engineered cabinets, electronics such as soundbars and other AV and gaming equipment are perfectly concealed behind the doors, without interfering with the sound quality.

Louvered Doors

In collections like Corridor or Align, you’ll instantly notice the slatted doors that are prominent in modern architecture. Not only is the design eye-catching, but it also allows for sound to be evenly distributed through the doors and into your living room while keeping electronics hidden. Another advantage of louvered doors is that they allow for access to your soundbar or receiver with remote control.

Laser-Cut Doors

Inspired by nature, our Elements Collection features laser-cut doors that not only provide a beautiful aesthetic but also create an opening for sound and heat dispersion. To help hide electronics, the doors feature a perforated metal backing that keeps electronics concealed, without sacrificing sound and style.

Perforated Steel Doors

Perforated doors, accented by a hardwood frame provide a classically modern look that is visually appealing and helps the electronics inside perform perfectly. This commitment to sound is in the namesake and design of our Octave Collection, whose doors provide full acoustic transparency allowing sound and remote control signals to easily pass through. For an even more streamlined design, check out Sector 7527

Align modern tv stand soundbar shelf doors bdi furniture

Universal Features

Beyond clear sound and hidden electronics, all of BDI’s media furniture comes standard with features that are designed to extend the life of your electronics and keep all components organized.

These standard features include flow-through ventilation to help keep components from overheating, adjustable shelves to accommodate your media components and equipment, and removable back panels to provide easy access to the back of your electronics. In addition, standard wire management features make it easy to plug in your electronics while keeping the wires concealed and organized.

No matter whether you prefer a “hidden sound” aesthetic, or you like your electronics on full display, BDI takes pride in designing beautiful media furniture that helps you hear beautiful sounds from your entertainment set up as well.