Whether you're setting up a complete home theater system or simply looking to showcase your large TV screen in style, the furniture that you select matters. Even if you're mounting your TV on a wall, your soundbar, components and other home theater accessories need a home that was engineered for their unique requirements.

At BDI, we've spent decades researching and partnering with AV industry professionals to understand the requirements of today's home theater technology—i.e., receivers and other AV components, soundbars, gaming consoles, streaming devices, etc.—and what features are required to meet the needs of even the most demanding home entertainment systems.

BDI media furniture is designed to integrate technology into how you live. Innovative performance and convenience features abound, simplifying your initial set-up while also being able to accommodate upgrades and changes as your system evolves, all while maximizing your enjoyment and protecting your investment over the life of your system.

Here are some of the innovative features you can expect from BDI's media furniture collections.

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Function & Style

Innovation is at the heart of each BDI media cabinet design, ensuring our collections can accommodate constantly evolving home theater technology.

Engineered for Home Entertainment

The ideal console is designed for everyday use and engineered to go the distance. Media furniture made with the right materials will offer you a lifetime of enjoyment while protecting your investment.

BDI media furniture is manufactured with quality materials such as solid hardwoods and high-end veneers; glass surfaces engineered for durability; powder-coated steel bases and frames; and premium hardware, such as adjustable hinges that maintain proper door alignment and vibration-dampening shelf pins.

Remote Access & Acoustic Transparency

The ideal home entertainment cabinet allows complete remote access to all your AV components and electronics and clear audio dispersion, even when the doors are closed.

Many BDI TV stands are designed to allow remote signals and audio from a soundbar or center channel speaker to pass through the same doors that keep components neatly concealed and out of sight.

Flow-Through Ventilation

Electronics and AV equipment generate a lot of heat, which can damage them over time. For this reason, your media furniture should not only look cool on the outside but should also help keep components cool on the inside.

BDI media cabinets are designed with built-in ventilation to promote natural airflow while allowing heat to escape, maximizing the life of your gear and ensuring your cabinet won't get damaged from heat build-up.

Hidden Wheels & Levelers

Whether you need to access your equipment connections easily or for the occasional cleaning, BDI TV stands feature hidden wheels that allow you to glide your entire system away from the wall for convenient access to the back of your setup.

Hidden levelers allow you to balance your cabinet on uneven flooring, keeping everything level and secure.

Thoughtful Cable Management

The area behind an entertainment center can quickly become a tangled mess of wires, cables, and cords. This can be unsightly and make it difficult to swap out, move, or troubleshoot your equipment.

BDI's integrated wire management features are a great way to keep your cables organized and hidden away. Thoughtful details like generous cable cut-outs, integrated routing channels, and removable back panels preserve the uncluttered design. There are even cable straps to help keep everything organized.

Integrated Soundbar & Speaker Shelf

BDI was the first manufacturer to design media furniture specifically with soundbars and center channel speakers in mind. This approach was a major innovation, as it allowed users to enjoy the benefits of a home theater system without cluttering the top of their TV cabinet with bulky speakers.

Most BDI media furniture designs feature a soundbar shelf perfectly positioned for optimal sound quality and audio passthrough, even behind closed doors. The shelf is also adjustable, so you can customize it to fit your needs.


Home theater components come in all shapes and sizes; not all media furniture can accommodate them. That's why finding media furniture that allows for adjustable compartments or removable shelves is important, allowing you to accommodate a broader range of components or reposition your setup whenever your needs change.

BDI media consoles offer flexible shelving that adjusts to accommodate large components. Threaded inserts ensure you can easily reposition whenever your entertainment system needs change.


Access to cables and connections is a must, especially when setting up your home theater or changing it, like adding a new component or adjusting the layout of your existing ones.

BDI media cabinets offer easy access to the rear of your components via removable or sliding panels, providing convenient access whenever you need to access your connections or change your setup.

Safety & Security

Accidental TV tip-over is one of the most overlooked hazards in the home, especially where small children are concerned. One of the best ways to help prevent this is to secure your TV with a safety strap connected to your cabinet.

BDI is committed to ensuring that TVs used with our cabinets are safe and secure; therefore, we provide a safety strap with each of our media cabinets.
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BDI's collection of home theater consoles and cabinets offer a range of stunning designs and styles that turn a functional piece of furniture into a showpiece for your space.

BDI media cabinets offer a variety of innovative features that come standard and set them apart from other solutions on the market. These innovative features are engineered to perform and make BDI media cabinets the ideal solution for anyone who wants a stylish and functional way to store and display their home entertainment system.