CHANTILLY, VA — January 31, 2018 – The way people watch their favorite movies and TV shows has changed dramatically over the past five years. According to research by Fluent LLC, 67 percent of consumers have access to a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, while 60 percent pay for a cable subscription.

As a result, many people are noticing the need for fewer electronics like bulky DVD players and CD changers, and in turn, less of a need for large entertainment furniture to house these components. 

“Until recently, most households probably had five or six electronic devices and a need for large home entertainment setups to support those devices,” said Lorri Kelley, president of BDI. “But as that has changed, media furniture design has focused more on aesthetics and innovation, and less on bulk storage. However, we are finding the most effective media furniture today has visual appeal while still boasting smart features that can support any sound, gaming or entertainment components.”

Corridor SV Media Credenza

To help customers find the ideal home entertainment setup, premier furniture designer and manufacturer, BDI is offering its “Annual BDI Home Entertainment Sale” starting February 15.  At participating retail stores nationwide, the company is offering discounts on all media furniture, including its newly released Olis Media Cabinet and Corridor SV Credenza, along with Semblance modular shelving, and home bar collections.

But before consumers get shopping, BDI is offering these tips on the features to look for when purchasing home entertainment furniture:

Olis Media Cabinet

Equipment: It’s important to know what you have and what you’re planning on adding before you shop. Is your entertainment system as a simple as a TV and a soundbar, or is your TV accompanied by gaming systems, a Blu-Ray player and a DVR? This should dictate the size of media cabinet or credenza you will need.

Features: It’s no secret that electronics can be a little pricey, so it’s important that your media furniture is designed to maximize the life of your components. Flow-through ventilation will keep your electronics from overheating and movable shelves will ensure you have enough space to house them. Hidden wheels and removable back panels are also important features, as they will allow you to easily move your cabinet to access the rear of your components for easy set up. And for those with multiple electronics installed, having a wire management system will allow you to keep cords hidden and under control.

Design: Of course, your media furniture should match the décor of your home and your aesthetic preferences. Looking for a unique design? Perforated or louvered doors or IR-friendly glass not only offer a modern look, but also make it easier to access your electronics with your remote control.

“When choosing media furniture, it’s important for consumers to select designs that keep electronics easily accessible, while providing enough storage to add more components in the future,” added Kelley. “But ultimately, you also want a piece of furniture that looks beautiful in your home, and has quality construction to ensure it lasts for many years to come.”

Ready to get shopping?
The Annual BDI Home Entertainment Sale runs February 15 - March 7, 2018 at participating BDI retail locations. Visit to find a location near you. 

About BDI:
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