CHANTILLY, Va. – June 2017 – According to a Census Bureau Report, 5.8 million Americans reportedly worked from home at least part time in 2010, with the work-at-home population growing 10x faster than the rest of the workforce. Even companies are finding that workplace flexibility enables employees to work more efficiently and effectively, as 40 percent more U.S. employers offer flexible workplace options than they did five years ago. This shift in more home-based employees also means consumers are needing to create at-home office spaces that are as functional as they would be in a corporate setting.

Yet home-based work environments can become crowded, disorganized, and ultimately cause a stressful workspace, if not properly designed and set up. That’s why furniture manufacturer BDI designs small and home office furniture that creates productive and feature-rich workspaces, which ultimately reduces stress and aides in a more effective work day.

Since most telecommuters report working at least 35 hours a week in a home office space, one of the most important criteria for creating a productive environment is organization, and making sure your space is functional. The most efficient workspace keeps confidential documents secure while also providing convenient access to all supplies and paperwork. Having an optimized office space gives workers the freedom to work at their own pace and simultaneously keep distractions at bay.

What hasn't changed is the need for a workspace of any size to provide a comfortable, functional work environment.


For those who work from home, office environments must also accommodate the latest technologies, and be adaptive as office needs change. ”As technology becomes more advanced, it also tends to take up less space, therefore the need for large work surfaces to accommodate bulky CPUs and other cumbersome office items isn’t as crucial,” said Bill Becker, Design Director and CEO. “But what hasn’t changed is the need for a workspace of any size to provide a comfortable and functional work environment. This requires specialized features that keep your workspace performing.”

Wire management features are a must–especially in areas where the office shares space with another room - like a bedroom, living room or kitchen area - and where you don’t want a lot of wires making the space look cluttered and less upscale. Therefore a built-in cable management system incorporated in office furniture is a top selling point for consumers.

BDI’s office furniture is engineered to address these needs in today’s home workspaces, providing designs with innovation in mind. A few of BDI's most full-featured collections, such as the SEQUEL Office or the new CORRIDOR Office, are designed to be adaptive to various home office environments, and can be scaled up or down to accommodate space concerns.

BDI has also launched a growing Lift Desk category, with adjustable sit+stand desks that can be raised or lowered throughout the day to accommodate worker's various needs and levels of concentration. Studies also show standing throughout the workday leads to overall healthier habits and more effective periods of work.

With the end-user in mind, BDI's office collections are thoughtfully engineered to bring everything you need in house.

Most of BDI’s work surfaces are designed with a satin-etched glass surface that is not only durable and finger-print resistant, but can accommodate technologies such as a wireless optic mouse. It also reduces glare for computer screens. 

All designs also contain standard features that keep the space clean and organized, such as cable and cord management channels, movable furniture on castors, and neoprene lined drawers for supplies and cell phone charging. The collections are also carefully designed with beautiful, timeless styles that can also accommodate the newest advances needed in home office.

BDI furniture solutions are available at retail stores throughout the United States and around the world. More information on BDI's office solutions can be found at: