As endless as your imagination. Semblance is a supremely flexible and ceaselessly customizable modular system. Combine various components — shelves, cabinets, drawers, and tables — to create unique solutions for storage, office, and media. Configure your system using our online design tool or start with a pre-designed system.

One System. Endless Possibilities.

Components à La Carte

Dig into individual component details like panel heights, shelf widths, cabinet sizes, drawer features, and finish materials.

Design Online

Build a one-of-a-kind wall unit, room divider, or media system with our online configuration tool. Drag-and-drop 3D panels, shelves, cabinets, and desks to create a custom solution of virtually any size and arrangement. Or start with a pre-designed system if you are looking for inspiration.

Preview different finishes, save designs for review or revision, and automatically generate a list of each build’s exact components.

Get Started

Semblance can be used to create fully customizable office, storage, and media systems of practically any shape and size.

With such endless possibilities, where do you begin?

Start with one of the pre-designed packages below, or build your own.

Semblance Design Your System

Design your custom Semblance solution with our intuitive online tool.

We’ve created a short tutorial video to help you get started.

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