Things can get exciting when you’ve got little ones on the run around the house. Watching young children explore the world around them is one of the greatest joys a parent will experience. However, as children get more independent and start exploring, they also get into everything — and we mean everything.

TV tip-overs are one of the top overlooked hazards in the home

As important as baby gates and safety latches are to keeping your little ones safe, it is also imperative that you protect your child from things that may topple onto them. One of the greatest risks comes from the TV, where inquisitive hands are often tempted to explore and climb. When you consider that most homes have multiple televisions — Nielsen’s Television Audience Report found an average of three per household — you can see how quickly the odds of danger increase.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, TV tip-overs are one of the top overlooked hazards in the home. It estimates that an annual average of 15,400 children were treated in ERs for injuries incurred during a tip-over, and another 279 between 2000 and 2013 were fatal injuries. The majority of these children were between the ages of 2 and 3.

Securely mounting your television to the wall, or using a sturdy TV mount, are sure fire ways to dramatically improve TV safety


The Consumer Product Safety Commission has outlined a number of tips for avoiding TV tip-overs.

One of the most important is to place televisions only on furniture designed to hold them, such as TV stands or media centers. Trunks, tables and especially dressers, whose drawers can be pulled out and used as stairs by small children trying to get closer to the screen, should not be used as TV stands.

Mounting flat-screen TVs to the wall – or a sturdy TV mount –  is a sure-fire way to keep the television safely out of reach. If that’s not an option, you also can anchor them to the wall or to the furniture through the use of safety straps to prevent them from toppling over.

BDI offers a TV Safety Strap which is designed to tether your flat-panel or curved-panel TV to your BDI media cabinet.


Understanding the danger that TV tip over can pose, BDI has recently transitioned to including TV Safety Straps with our media furniture. These straps allow the user to secure their TV, minimizing the risk or tip over. The BDI TV Safety Strap is specifically designed to tether a flat-panel or curved TV, utilizing the built-in screw holes included on most TV’s by the manufacturer.

We began phasing-in TV Safety Straps with our media cabinets in Fall of 2015. If you own a BDI media cabinet that lacks a TV Safety Strap, and you would like one, please contact BDI Customer Service and we will be glad to provide one to you free of charge.

All newly introduced BDI media furniture will automatically include this important safety accessory.

Although safety straps are an important preventative measure to avoid TV tip over, they are not a 100% guaranteed solution to prevent tip over. Therefore, we recommend taking these additional safety measures to help ensure the safety of your little ones:

  • Install stops on all cabinet doors and drawers
  • Keep heavier items on lower shelves or in lower drawers to keep a piece of furniture from becoming top heavy
  • Don’t just keep remote controls out of reach — keep them out of sight so your child won’t be tempted to climb after them
  • Use outlet protectors, power strip covers and wire guards to decrease risk for electric shock
  • Think beyond your own living room. If your child regularly spends time with a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or family friend, ask what you can do to help them baby-proof their homes as well

Together, we can keep more kids safe.

Do you currently use safety straps on your televisions? If so, let us know in the comment section.