Late Summer and early Fall have historically been great times to purchase a new home. That trend continues to hold, despite the recent coronavirus pandemic. 

Mark Fleming, the chief economist at First American Financial Corporation, said in a Forbes interview

“There are still many tailwinds for housing. The first is record-low mortgage rates, which incentivizes renters to buy as monthly mortgage payments come down. The second is the growth of working from home, home gyms, homeschooling, etc. that makes the home more important than ever.”

For those that are in the market for a new house, or are just looking to upgrade their current residence, here are some ways consumers can make the most of purchasing new furniture for the home.

“…the growth of working from home, home gyms, homeschooling, etc. makes the home more important than ever.”

Mark Fleming, Chief Economist at First American Financial Corporation

Why Buy Now?

There is understandably a lot of timidity and uncertainty in the market due to COVID-19 keeping people inside. Homeowners aren’t as quick to sell because of global anxiety, and retirees who may want to transition into senior communities may be less willing to because of the higher risks among older populations.

But this is also why it’s a great time to buy a home since those who are selling are doing so at lower prices. For those who aren’t selling their homes, trends show they are investing in the homes they currently own.

Invest in Your Space

With consumers spending more time at home than ever, now is the ideal time to enhance your spaces—both new and old.

Work-From-Home Spaces

show that 46 percent of people who never worked from home prior to the pandemic, now plan to work from home more often in the future. For many, this has meant a bigger investment in furniture for home office spaces. It’s also meant an investment in healthier spaces, such as adding a standing desk that allows for periods of sitting and standing mobility throughout the day.

Consumers are also investing in office storage since working from home requires organization and access to files and other office equipment. 

Shelves have also offered alternative surfaces for offices or shared spaces needing more storage area. And for those who have had to quickly adapt living spaces into work environments, modular office furniture offers customizable solutions for home and entertainment purposes alike.

Rethinking the Home Office

Those working from home need and expect more from their furniture in order to create effective work spaces.

No matter whether consumers are looking to furnish a dedicated home office or are finding ways to incorporate office furniture into smaller spaces, work-from-home employees continue to make a significant investment in furniture that is reshaping the home landscape.

Bringing Life to Living Rooms

With so much focus on the home as of late, those looking to buy want houses that offer spaces meant to serve as the entertainment hub of the home. 

Current homeowners also want to create spaces that separate their work/school life from their family and entertainment time. For this reason, media consoles are taking center stage as significant pieces of furniture that are not only functional but add to the aesthetics of the room.

Center of Entertainment

Home theaters today are serving as the main source of entertainment for families who are mostly staying in, so investing in these spaces has become a new priority.

Current trends show that consumers are willing to invest more in their spaces, and this means a slant toward brands that offer robust furniture features with high design.

For new and existing homeowners alike, the top furniture brands today are offering consumers more style, choice, and customization for their spaces, giving homeowners the chance to bring their home décor ideas to life. 

Much like a new home, well-designed furniture is an investment, and consumers today are willing to make the investment in furnishings that will enhance their spaces—and their lives—for years to come.