A new decade is here and with it an opportunity to update your home decor. Trend forecasters are predicting several departures from styles that have dominated home furnishings for several years. 

Luckily, BDI stays ahead of the curve and has fashion-forward designs ready to bring your home into the present. The following are a few things you can expect to see in home décor this coming year.

Tried and true.

Classic designs like BDI’s Corridor media collection have a timeless style that can work in any space. Its design is engineered to maximize the life and performance of the media equipment it holds. Talk about smart.

Invest in Quality 

Last decade, the growth of a few big-box furniture stores meant an increase in the availability of inexpensive, assemble-it-yourself furniture. But as many consumers learned, inexpensive doesn’t always mean economical. 

Reviews of many of these offerings reveal that it doesn’t take long for them to show their age or break down altogether. In addition to the financial cost of replacing worn-out or cheaply-made pieces, discarding furniture can also take an environmental toll. As a result, more and more people are investing in furniture that is designed to last. 

Natural hues.

BDI’s Cayenne and Marine doors bring a warmth that helps to complement the natural beauty of the wood finishes available in the Margo collection.

A Return to Mother Earth

The color gray is cooling its heels at a bit in home décor this year, being replaced by warm, comforting earth tones—think deep reds, shades of olive green, rich chocolate brown, golden ochre, and burnt orange.

For households that love the brighter side of décor, natural woods still play a significant role, just in lighter finishes. These can easily be offset by pops of color that pull in hues found in nature—from berry to aqua and beyond.

Clean slate.

The Centro office collection features a beautiful Satin White finish that provides a clean slate for a variety of home decors.

White Out

Always a classic in our book, winter white is making a big comeback this year, especially on upholstery. Thanks to advances in performance fabrics—which can repel liquids—white upholstery is now even possible in homes with kids or pets.

Though it might seem like a simple color—or lack thereof—it serves as a visual palate cleanser that will make the rest of your decor pop. And this clean, crisp neutral can easily be carried over to other furnishings, including media and office furniture, to tie an entire room together.

Curves ahead.

The gorgeously contoured Orlo tables are stylish solutions that embrace non-linear interior design.

Learning Curves

For a long time, the straight line has dominated furniture design. Rendered well, these pieces are sleek and elegant and hold a classic place in home decor. Yet in this new decade, the interior design world is embracing curves—think soft corners, rounded legs, curved backs.

This look is smoother, less rigid, and carries a natural flow that brings a sense of movement to any space. You will mainly see this aesthetic coming to life in tables, office furniture, chair backs, and cabinetry.

A new decade can be a fresh start for many things—from how we conduct business or find ways to take care of our environment or create a refreshed aesthetic in our homes. 

However you embrace this coming year, you can never go wrong by being true to your personal style and taste.