Every day more and more people are ditching their cable boxes for streaming services. Fortune reports that for the first time more people are paying for streaming services than for cable TV.

If you are among the millions of streaming-only subscribers who have "cut the cord," you may no longer require a sophisticated home entertainment setup. However, you may still need a cabinet that can house smaller components and accessories, while complementing your space.

Here are some great BDI television cabinets to consider for a more compact media set-up. 

Align 7477 bdi furniture best tv stands for streaming streamers cut cutters
Ideal for streamers and cord-cutters, the following BDI TV stands are a perfect balance of form and function, including attractive design and a variety of innovative features.

Corridor SV

Corridor SV packs big performance in a slim profile. Designed for use as a light media cabinet or credenza, the two-door 7128 and four-door 7129 provide ample storage for smaller components, gaming consoles, and media, along with an assortment of user-friendly features. A dedicated soundbar shelf, remote-friendly doors, and built-in cable management are just a few useful features that will keep your compact media system looking and sounding good.


Behind Sector's unique full-width speaker and remote-friendly front flip-down door is a highly functional AV cabinet that includes a host of innovative features to keep your home entertainment center looking and sounding its best. Ideal for streamers, Sector offers ample storage for a soundbar, gaming consoles, and streaming devices.

Code 7376

Boasting handcrafted hardwood doors and an assortment of user-friendly features, Code 7376 is an ideal TV stand for streamers who want a combination of style and substance. Although it features a smaller footprint, the 7376 can comfortably accommodate most media components, a full-sized soundbar, and gaming consoles.

Corridor 8175

This uniquely designed media cabinet includes tapered back corners that fit neatly into a corner or flat against a wall. The 8175 is sized for use with an up to 55-inch television and is an excellent solution for streamers with limited space, while still offering many of the useful features that make BDI TV stands best in class.

Elements 8777-ME

Just because you have less AV component storage requirements doesn't mean that style and functionality need to fall by the wayside. Element's laser-cut door patterns are not only beautiful but also serve the useful function of allowing air, remote signals, and sound to pass through. The Elements 8777-ME triple-door design uses a smaller footprint in your space and is designed to accommodate televisions up to 70-inches.

Octave 8377

Home to a complete home theater and media system in a small footprint, the Octave 8377GFL features space for a full-size soundbar, gaming console, and other electronics. Useful features like cable management, hidden wheels, and rear access panels are engineered for a simple setup, while flow-through ventilation protects your components from heat.

For the millions of people who have cut the cable cord and use streaming services only, large electronics or a full-sized media cabinet may no longer be necessary. Instead, smaller devices, soundbars, and smart TV’s are dominating the market, making light-use media cabinets from BDI the perfect solution for many consumer entertainment spaces.