Before you ever get an opportunity to see our furniture at your local retailer or on our website, we've spent months—sometimes years—perfecting it. Each design is thoroughly researched and reviewed, and significant efforts are made in the construction and testing of multiple prototypes—with only one making the final cut.

A vital step in our development process is showing our latest designs at the High Point Market. It is during 'Market' that we receive valuable feedback from buyers, retailer partners, interior designers, and other experts in the high-end home furnishings space.

Held every Spring and Fall in High Point, North Carolina, the High Point Market is one of the most hotly anticipated events in the interior design and home furnishings world.

Boasting 12-million square feet of show space and more than 2,000 exhibitors introducing tens of thousands of new products, High Point is the place to go to see and be seen. More than 75,000 trade professionals attend, including interior design celebrities like Joanna Gaines and the Scott Brothers.

For over 30 years, BDI has been a part of the action. Twice a year, we debut our newest home and office designs in our 6,000 sq ft showroom located in the massive IHFC Building. But we don’t just go to rub elbows with industry insiders. We view our participation at High Point as a crucial final step in our research and development process.

“High Point Market has always been an integral part of the BDI design process,” says Bill Becker, CEO and Design Director. “Our success has come about in large part due to understanding and anticipating what consumers are looking for. Over the past few decades, we’ve kept our eye on the rise of technology and trends in daily living and looked for smart ways to integrate both into our designs. High Point has given us so much in terms of inspiration and collaboration.”

Before our products ever set foot on the BDI showroom floor at Market, we spend months perfecting our designs. We want each piece to do more than look great. Ergonomics, durability, functionality, and versatility are some of the key qualities we strive to incorporate, while also ensuring its a design that will look beautiful and perform for many years to come.

"High Point has given us so much in terms of inspiration and collaboration."

Bill Becker, CEO & Design Director

Creating staged vignettes (or "stories") in the BDI showroom allows retailers to picture new designs in their stores and customer's homes.

When we're satisfied that a new design will meet the quality standards customers have come to expect from the BDI name, we are ready to go to Market.

To get the most out of the show, BDI has a permanent 6,000-square-foot showroom, which includes a full cafe, show floor space, and conference rooms. The versatility of the showroom space allows us to stage a handful of realistic home and office "stories." This allows retail buyers to view and interact with our products—just as a consumer would in their retail stores—and ultimately, their own homes. 

This preview helps buyers get a hands-on feel for the quality of materials and craftsmanship, experience new features first-hand, and an opportunity to talk to the product's designers for additional insight.

We have close working relationships with the buyers from our retail partners, and we actively seek their feedback after they view the new products in our showroom. 

These buyers have an intimate understanding of what their customers are looking for, and they provide valuable insight as to how we can continue to exceed their expectations. Therefore, it’s not unusual for us to incorporate their feedback into the final design before introducing a new collection to the public.

We want every design in the BDI catalog to be the very best it can be, and High Point is an essential step towards ensuring that it is.

Want to experience the BDI showroom during High Point? Check out this virtual tour