CHANTILLY, VA—Feb. 2, 2017— This time of year, everyone has different reasons for gathering with friends and family in front of the television. Some love the glitz and the glamour of the ultimate red carpet celebration, The Oscars, while others will watch as their NCAA Tournament brackets go up in flames during March Madness.

For those hosting parties, now is the time to begin thinking about how to provide the ultimate viewing experience. There are four things to consider before guests arrive.

It’s all about giving guests the best view

“It’s all about giving guests the best view, seating them comfortably, and allowing them to feel like they are part of the experience with the right sound and set up,” said Dave Adams, Marketing Director of BDI, an industry leader in media furniture. “With these considerations in place, you’ll no doubt hear your name called again when it comes time to host the next event.”

Below are some of BDI’s home theater set up tips in time for some of the biggest live television events of the year:

The average seated height for an adult is 18 inches above the floor, with a relaxed eye level two feet above that. Doing a little simple math, the center of the screen should be around 42 inches, or 3 ½ feet from the ground. For viewing the TV, a swivel mount is a great option for helping everyone catch the action. For TVs mounted on the wall, or standing on your cabinet, just make sure your media furniture is the right size to accommodate your TV.

The distance from the TV should be at least double the diagonal measurement of the television. Hosts with 42-inch TVs should seat their guests comfortably at least seven feet away from the screen. It’s also critical to check out the view from each seat in the room. Unless you have a curved TV, for example, views from the side may be limited.

Sound needs will vary, depending on the size of your room. In smaller spaces, a simple soundbar should provide plenty of sound for the whole group. In larger spaces, hosts should consider surround sound, placing speakers throughout the room, and close to higher traffic areas. It is also important to consider a media cabinet that can hide those wires and best accommodate sound systems.

Set Up:
Consider today’s television technology. 4K and curved TVs can make guests feel like they’re sitting in the first row, or on center court, but also come with plenty of cords and cables. Just make sure your media cabinet can accommodate the latest technologies with features like cable management, flow through ventilation, IR-friendly glass and movable shelving.

Get Shopping!
Don’t know where to start when purchasing the right home theater furnishings? BDI can help. From February 16th to March 7th, participating BDI retail locations are running a promotion on all regularly priced media furniture and Semblance modular furniture.

About BDI:

BDI is a premier designer and manufacturer of high-performance furniture and an industry leader in media furniture, office and modular shelving systems. Guided by the philosophy that everything has its place, BDI furniture combines great design with innovative functionality to seamlessly integrate technology into the home and office environments. BDI products are available through leading furniture and electronic retailers throughout the United States, Canada, the UK and elsewhere.

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