CHANTILLY, VA — May 29, 2018
BDI announces it has launched their online product catalog on the MicroD platform to help retailers better showcase BDI products on their websites. MicroD is a leading developer of online solutions and digital catalogs for the home furnishings industry, and offers a customizable platform to more effectively showcase manufacturers’ products online.

On the MicroD platform, BDI will have the ability to continually update their catalog with new products, designs and offerings. Retailers are able to customize the BDI experience for their website visitors – from showcasing best sellers to items currently on sale or on display in their store - each time they access the catalog through their websites. The platform can also process online transactions for retail sites that offer local fulfillment and want to support e-commerce purchases.

"This platform will enable a more branded experience for BDI retailers"

Dana Sciandra - Digital Marketing Manager at BDI

“We are always looking for ways that we can better support our retailers and get the BDI brand in front of more customers, in the ways that they shop and research products,” said Dana Sciandra, BDI’s Digital Marketing Manager. “This platform will enable a more branded experience for BDI retailers, and help their online presentation align more consistently with the BDI brand image.”

Retailers hoping to learn more about BDI’s catalog on the MicroD platform can contact Dana Sciandra at this link.