Congratulations on the purchase of your new LINQ bed. You will have it set up in no time. You do have a few options to consider as you build your bed, depending on the size of your mattress and desired height from the floor.

Get to Know Your LINQ Bed

PLATFORM: The inner bed support system that includes the side and center supports and slat system; can be positioned at two heights.

FRAME: The outer wood frame and legs that surrounds the platform and attach to the headboard; can be positioned at two heights.

Your LINQ bed's PLATFORM and FRAME can each be placed in two positions, meaning that your bed can be assembled in one of four configurations depending on the size and desired height of your mattress. To position your mattress at the ideal height – usually around 24" from the floor – refer to the chart below for the recommended configuration.

Click here for detailed height specifications for each configuration and mattress combination.

Installing an adjustable bed? Click here for special information that will help you understand the options available to you for installation.

Once you know your configuration, you are ready to begin! The LINQ assembly video is a companion to the LINQ bed assembly guide. Follow the assembly steps carefully for simple assembly.

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