The American Millennial has grown up. In their 30s, they are more established in their careers and interested in purchasing real estate and quality home furnishings

In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, 35% of all home purchases last year were made by Millennials, making them the largest share of homebuyers in the country. 

While some Millennials are looking for ‘starter homes in the suburbs, many young professionals live and work in large cities and urban areas where real estate downtown is available at a premium, often at the sacrifice of square footage.  

Whether they are buying or renting, one thing is for sure: while urban-dwelling Millennials may not be going big on square footage, they are still going big on style. 

According to research by Furniture Today, 77% of Millennials have redecorated their home in the past two years — more than any other age group.

Here’s a look at what’s taking shape in urban Millennial abodes and how those looking to redecorate can make big on small space design:

Sizing Things Down

Because space is limited, Millennials are looking to maximize every available square foot. Intelligently engineered furniture—brimming with innovative features—without sacrificing style and that occupies a smaller footprint - is a good bet.

Home-tainment Essentials

According to a survey from the wine app Vivino, 47% of Millennials say they would rather drink and entertain at home than at a social gathering, bar, or winery.

Home bar cabinets are a great way to keep the good times flowing.

Double Duty

When space is at a premium, furniture that can play multiple roles is a big plus in urban dwellings.

Millennials have embraced the notion that a coffee table isn’t just a table; it’s also an eating surface and a workstation. Furniture that can handle multiple functions is a must-have.


Shelving is a great way to create unique room and storage solutions for any space requirements or limitations, from dividing a room in a downtown loft to a custom design that fits your needs perfectly.

Let us know how you are furnishing your small spaces in the comments below.