BDI’s standing desks can play as hard as they work. Whether you are a League of Legends, Valorant, Overwatch, or Call of Duty enthusiast, the right standing desk can raise your game to the next level. 

The health benefits of using a sit+stand desk for work are well-documented; however, there are also many features and advantages of using a standing desk that gamers will love when creating the ideal gaming set-up

Sit. Stand. Pwn.

A necessity for most gamers is an ergonomically designed gaming chair, ideal for prolonged periods of sitting, along with a host of customizable height, armrest, lumbar, and tilt adjustments for added comfort.

However, it’s also good to get out of the captain’s chair once in a while, and a standing desk allows you to stretch your legs comfortably without having to pause the action.

Dial It In

Standing desks that allow you to adjust and program your preferred height are especially beneficial.

Whether you prefer to game while leaning back, sitting straight up, or somewhere in-between, being able to dial in the desk's height perfectly to suit your play style and body position will always keep the action at eye level. Not to mention keeping your mouse and keyboard within easy reach with just the press of a button.

Size Matters

Standing desks come in a variety of shapes, materials, and sizes.

Whether you play on a laptop or have a custom-built rig, you're sure to find one that can accommodate all of your equipment—including a mechanical or wireless keyboard, gaming mouse, ultrawide or dual-monitor arm setup, and a gaming mousepad for improved tracking—along with being able to fit within your available space.

One thing to look for in a quality standing desk is a solid and reliable lifting mechanism that will be able to handle the weight of your gear without any strain or wobble.

If you're considering a BDI standing desk, our lift mechanisms underwent an extensive 20,000 cycle test under a 220-pound load to ensure that they are built to last and will reliably—and smoothly—elevate your gaming setup for many years to come. 

When setting up a gaming system on a standing desk, it's also important to remember that cables running to the monitor, CPU, and other devices could come unplugged—or worse, topple over—when the desk is raised if the cords are not long enough to reach the increased height. We recommend mounting a power strip beneath the desktop to ensure that your connections always maintain a consistent length to a power supply. Also, depending on your CPU and desk size, you could install a harness or cradle to the legs of the desk so that your system will rise and descend with the desk.

Ava G Gaming Setup3

Cable Clutter

If you’re like most gamers, you’ve got a lot of gear, and with that comes an abundance of cords and cables.

An ideal solution is finding a standing desk with cable management built into the design.

A Little About What Sets BDI Apart

Outside of beautiful design, exceptional build quality, and premium materials, it's the innovative features that set BDI standing desks apart from other models on the market.

Cable Control

BDI standing desks include dual-lock fasteners to make it easy to securely mount a power strip, while Velcro cable management strips installed under the desktop help to keep cables neatly organized and tucked away. A cable routing channel can be affixed to the back of the desk legs to reduce the number of visible cables.

Power Up

A center grommet hole found on many BDI standing desk designs is an ideal spot to run USB-C and Micro USB charging cables for wireless mice and keyboards, making it easy to plug in and charge up in the middle of an intense multiplayer session.

It's in the Details

From optional keyboard drawers lined with non-slip material and include space for recharging small devices to incredibly smooth and durable satin-etched tempered glass desktop surfaces, attention to detail is at the core of every BDI standing desk design.

Whether you’re a serious gamer or casual player, having the right desk can enhance your enjoyment, comfort, and keep your gear organized so that you can focus on play. 

Standing desks provide the versatility, features, and styling needed to raise the level of your setup and gaming sessions. 

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: Shelby Bella & GenG Ava