Home theater furniture is excellent for many things, such as keeping electronics stored, organized, concealed, and accessible. But one often overlooked (but essential) quality is finding media furniture that keeps your electronics cool, ventilated, and running efficiently. 

You see, when electronics overheat, all types of problems can arise. Internal chips can melt. Pixels on screens can darken or wear out. And in the most serious of cases, fires can spark. While normal wear and tear on your components will always be a reality, keeping your electronics cool can protect your furniture and extend the life of your components.

Here’s a guide to what you should do—and not do—when storing your electronics.



Your components need some room to breathe. Perhaps the most effective way to keep your electronics cool is to select furniture with built-in ventilation. Give each component—be it a TV, speaker, AV receiver, or gaming console—about 2-3 inches each, and make sure all of the vents around each item are completely clear and do not obstruct airflow.

If your equipment is stored in an enclosed area, hot air tends to cycle back through it, making it heat up even further the longer it is running. Fans and cooling devices are great for areas where ventilation is not available.

Power Off. 

Some things need to stay on all the time—like your AC, for example. But your television, computer and other electronics do not. Turn these components off when you’re not using them, and it will help keep them and the furniture around them cooler.

If you notice any of your electronics overheating, shut it down immediately and disconnect its power source. Don’t try to restart it until it is completely cool to the touch.

Keep Clean. 

Like everything else in your home and office, cleanliness is key. Dirt or dust can be detrimental to your electronics, often finding its way to the fans inside. This can cause your components to stop working correctly. A quick blast of compressed air and a good dusting can help keep your electronics cool—and clean.



While some of your components such as a Blu-Ray player put off minimal heat, your more powerful components like a DVR, AV Receiver, or gaming console can generate a lot of heat. These electronics get hot enough on their own without the added heat that comes along with stacking.

Utilize shelving to keep your components spread out and cool, and make sure the vents on all of your electronics are exposed to some type of airflow.

Put in the Sun.

While this tip is kind of obvious, it’s also frequently ignored. But placing your computers, televisions and other devices in the path of direct sunlight is one of the most harmful things you can do to your electronics. Moving these components to a shadier area is a simple way to keep them cooler, and will protect them and keep them working much longer!

Use 24/7

Give your electronics a break. As the summer starts winding down, take advantage of the cooler evenings and sunny afternoons. Spend time playing games with your family, and BBQing with your neighbors. If you’re lucky enough to have a summer vacation, your electronics should be able to get one, too!

Watch the following video to learn more about the ways that BDI TV stands are designed to protect your home theater system, and keep your AV components cool.