The holidays are full of events, parties, and festive get-togethers galore. If you find yourself playing host to your own party this season, you may be worried about crowding your friends and family into your home. After all, your studio apartment may be perfect for you, but it isn’t exactly ideal for entertaining

Don’t let a small space keep you from going big on a holiday affair to remember this holiday season. 

Here are some helpful tips for stylishly hosting and entertaining in small spaces.

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Celebrate big in small spaces.

Don’t have enough counter space to serve drinks like a seasoned bartender? Consider a stand-alone bar that is as functional in a smaller footprint as it is stylish.

Provide A DIY Bar

Whatever home bar solution you have in place or are considering, make sure it is fully stocked with all the essentials: cocktail shakers, bottle openers, plenty of glasses, mixers, and enough liquor, wine, and beer to keep the festivities jolly.

BDI’s Corridor Bar is fit to handle all the requirements of a fully stocked bar without giving up too much space. While, a bar cart can be an excellent mobile solution that is ready to follow the party wherever it may lead.

Making a big-batch cocktail concoction or letting guests mix their own drinks also takes some of the pressure off of you as a host and gives you more time to enjoy your party. 

Keep Décor to a Minimum

Don’t overdo it with decorations if you’re already short on space. Too much garland and glitter can make a room feel cluttered and claustrophobic. The same goes for your permanent furnishings as well; make sure you remove any unnecessary furniture or décor before your guests arrive.

If you’re serving an authentic, sit-down dinner, serve the food buffet-style on a separate table or countertop—like a stylish sideboard with ample storage—to keep the dinner table from becoming too cluttered.

Have Your Furniture Perform Double-duty

Do you have a home office space in your living room? Consider turning it into a buffet table for your guests! Every inch of available counter space matters in small areas, so use it wisely. At the dining table, using a bench will help create more seating for guests.

No dining table at all? Try turning your coffee table into a makeshift dining table (opt for pillows and throws instead of chairs), or ditch seating altogether and serve easy-to-carry finger food.

End tables and mobile stands can also create some much-needed extra surface area for your guests to gather on the couch while eating or place their drinks as the fun and conversations flow.

If you’re hosting a less-formal affair, move all of your big furniture, like the couch or a kitchen table, out of the way to make room for more mingling, dancing, and merriment.

Entertaining in small spaces isn’t an impossible feat, so don’t be afraid to have a few friends over this holiday season. Even if you think your home or apartment can only hold three people, a small space is just another excuse for your guests to mingle. After all, spending time with the ones you love is the most important part of the holidays!

Have a few tips of your own that you want to share? Feel free to share them in the comment section!