Exceeds Quantity Text 

"The quantity you have selected may exceed available inventory. You may proceed, but a portion of this order may be partially or fully back-ordered. Please contact Customer Service for the most up-to-date inventory."

  • Outside of the above text, is there a way that we can also indicate which items in their cart may be back-ordered to make it easier to know which product quantities may need to be lowered or removed? Other than when they are adding to cart, there doesn't appear to be any other way that we are indicating which items in their cart could be back-ordered. This would be especially helpful during the pre-payment screen, in which we indicate that they will have the ability to review and edit their order if they do not wish to pay for back-ordered items  
  • Please add a little bit of extra spacing between the text and the 'add to cart' button 
  • There is an issue with how the 'exceed quantity' message surfaces that will be confusing to retailers. Will discuss specifics with Peyton 


    • Please adjust the header from 'CART' to 'YOUR CART,' and add hover text to the 'add note' button that says: "Include a retailer note about this product."
    • Also, please update text on the checkout button to "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" 
    • As discussed on our Friday call, the quantity text is also getting cut off and should scale or be minimized 


    Please change 'NOTE' to 'PRODUCT NOTE'

    We'd like to include greyed out sample text that makes it clear that this field is intended for retailers to add relevant order information to individual items. For example, if a product is being ordered for a particular consumer, or there are any special instructions that the retailer wants to note for themselves.

    Something like:

    Include a note about this item for your reference. ex: "Ordered for Sally Consumer."



    Please change the header from 'SHIPPING' to 'SHIPPING DETAILS' 

    In the grey note box, please use: 

    "You may only request shipment to addresses on file with BDI. Please contact Customer Service or include an order note on the next screen if you have any questions about your available Ship-to Addresses."


    • Change "Send order confirmation to" to "Send a copy of order confirmation to" 
    • Under "Order Note" please use the following greyed out explanation text:

    "Include any notes about this order that may require BDI's attention"

    • In the greyed out box, please use the following copy:

    "You will receive a submission confirmation email when your order is placed. BDI will review your order, and once it is approved and processed, you will receive a final order confirmation. An update will also be sent when your order ships. You can check the status of your order anytime by logging into your account or contacting Customer Service."  


    • Change the header to PAYMENT DETAILS 
    • In the Note section, please use the following text:

    "Pre-payment is required on this order. Please be advised that the order balance is due at the time of checkout. If your order contains back-ordered items that you do not wish to pay for at this time, you will have an opportunity to review and edit your order on the next screen.

    Your payment information is secure, and is not stored or saved by BDI." 

    • If possible, it would be great to add an acknowledgment checkbox to the above statement, that does not allow them to continue to the next screen until they check off that they have read it
    • We originally included text about pre-payment on the 'add to cart' screen, but it made it too long, and there is no reason why Terms customers need to see it, therefore we are adding more specificity to the pre-payment screen so that it is only seen by those required to do so 
    • If my assumptions are correct, once they hit 'Continue' on this pre-payment screen, they will be taken to the 'Confirm Your Order' screen that is shown above this screen. If so, this is the opportunity we mentioned previously, where it would be good to have some kind of visual indication as to which products in their cart may be back-ordered, in the event that they do not wish to pre-pay at this time for back-ordered items, and their final opportunity to review their order and make changes before submitting it 


    This page looks very plain and doesn't contain any kind of "Thank you for your order!" text. If possible, I would like to include the following copy (under the order #number, before the order items:

    Thank You For Your Order!

    What happens next?
    An order submission confirmation has been emailed to you. BDI will review your order, and once it is approved and processed, you will receive an order confirmation email. An update will be also sent when your order ships. You can check the status of your order at any time by logging into your account or by contacting Customer Service."


    • In the left menu, we discussed adding a link to the user guide
    • In the Note section, please use the following text:

    "Order history only includes orders submitted through the BDI online system. If you are looking for other historical order information, please Contact Us." 


    The left menu appears to disappear on this screen. If possible we'd like to have it added/included to make it easier for the retailer to return to their account. 

    I think that's it for now! Please let me know if you have any questions!

    - Dana