Once an authorized user is logged in, it will unlock the order taking functionality (upper-right menu of the screenshot below). This can be achieved by signing in to the Retailer Resources site, or by using the designated Order Taking login URL. This menu can take them to their account, to the Retailer Resources Site, or their current cart. 

To create an order, simply navigate the website just as a consumer would, by visiting the pages of the products that you wish to order.  

Once there, the user (1) can select the finish they want, (2) add their desired quantity, (3) see only their specific retailer pricing, and (3) once they hit 'Add to Cart' the cart icon in the upper-right will populate and turn orange to show that items have been added.  

Please note that screenshots are for reference purposes only, and may have been updated or look different during your testing  

Note: When a user tries to add a quantity to their cart that may exceed inventory on hand, they will be served text letting them know that:

  • Their order may exceed available stock
  • They are still able to proceed, however, should understand that part or all of their order may be back ordered
  • A way to contact customer service for up-to-date inventory information 

Try adding products that may exceed inventory, as well as selecting quantities that are in stock. 


On the above screen - once the user is done adding items to their order - they will be able to review their cart and order details before initiating the checkout process. They also have the ability to (1) adjust quantities, (2) remove items from their order, and (3) include a line item note.


The above field is intended for retailers to add relevant order information to individual items. For example, if a product is being ordered for a particular consumer(s), or if there are any special instructions that the retailer wants to note for themselves.  

This field is primarily for the benefit of the retailer. Greyed-out sample text has been included to make the intention and purpose of this field clear to the retailer. 


This next screen displays all approved addresses that are associated with the customer in AX. The retailer is only able to select from one of the available addresses to ship their order to.

The "Note" section is where we provide additional details and clarification on this point. 

On the next screen, they have the ability to include an overall order note, which is where they can provide additional shipment/order details and notes for BDI customer services' attention. 


On this screen (using a Net Terms account for this example):

  • The customer is able to review their order details for the last time 
  • Make any edits to the order that they require
  • Input additional email addresses of people in their organization that they would like to send a copy of the confirmation to
  • Include an order note, which can include special instructions or requests from BDI customer service (i.e. shipping to a non-listed address, holding the order until a particular date etc.) 
  • Place their order
  • Note: A P.O. field is being added above the "Send order confirmation to..."  
  • Note: To avoid confusion, we have decided to not surface the "Shipping Method" line to the user. Only the Shipping Address, Payment Method, and Your Items will display  

The note section explains to the customer what will happen once their order is submitted. From a customer service standpoint, this is a good opportunity to explain that their order will be reviewed by BDI. Once approved, they will receive an email confirming that their order has been processed/approved and that once the product ships they will receive another email. They can also log into their account to check their order/shipping status at any time.  


On this screen (using a pre-pay account for the example), the customer is required to input their credit card details before having the opportunity to review or edit their order one last time.

A note section at the bottom lets the customer know that (1) their account requires pre-payment, (2) that this includes back-ordered items, (3) informs them that they can review/edit their order on the next screen if they do not wish to pre-pay for back-ordered quantities and that (4) their credit card information is secure and will not be stored or saved by BDI 

Although the screenshot does not reflect this, an acknowledgment checkbox will be added to the note section. The user will not be able to proceed with the order until the checkbox is marked off, ensuring that pre-payment customers have seen and accepted this requirement.  


Final order confirmation and thank you screen, which also helps to manage the customer's expectations in terms of what the next steps are. 

Some styling changes, especially to the pricing table, have already been submitted. 


This is a view of the 'Orders' screen in their account, where they are able to track their order status. 

A request has already been submitted to include the order status at-a-glance in this view (i.e. Processing, Shipped etc). 


When a user clicks on an order in their account, this is the more expanded view of that order, including current order status. 

Throughout this order-taking and internal testing process, please give thought to:

  • Possible text and copy suggestions 
  • Points of additional clarification that you feel may be needed 
  • How intuitive was the ordering process for you? Was each screen clear, and did the flow make sense? Please note that a user guide will be provided to authorized customers, along with guidance or training from their sales rep 
  • Did anything occur that you did not expect, or that you feel may confuse retailers? 
  • Did anything occur that felt like a glitch or a broken feature? 

For the purposes of testing, your login is set to "Terms" to make it easier for you to complete the entire ordering process. You also will not receive a confirmation email when you submit an order. I am happy to provide a sample if you wish to see one.   

There are a handful of notes and changes that have already submitted, so if you have already shared some feedback, those changes will be batched with any new feedback.  

Please submit your feedback to me in an organized manner for tracking (i.e. Word doc, organized and bulleted email, supporting screenshots), citing precisely which screen you are referring to, and providing sufficient clarity as to recommended changes, and the behavior you want to bring to our attention etc.   

Please let me know if you have any questions!

- Dana