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lift® desks

BDI office collections have set a new standard for efficient and organized workspaces, and the bar has been raised with the addition of the LIFT DESK series. These versatile and height-adjustable sit+stand desks feature a powered leg system that is controlled by a programmable digital keypad, includes integrated cable management, and is available in multiple finishes. Whether sitting, standing or somewhere in-between, your work surface is always at the perfect height.

work smart. work healthy.

The health benefits associated with using a standing desk are well documented. For optimal benefit, however, it is recommended that you periodically switch between a sitting and standing position throughout the day. The LIFT line of standing desks from BDI allows you to adjust and program your desired sit and stand heights with ease so that your desk moves with you and your workday.

  • Sequel Lift Desk
    SEQUEL LIFT DESK Available in two desktop sizes, the Sequel Lift Desk features a programmable digital keypad, a micro-etched black tempered glass surface, and integrated cable management.
  • Centro Lift Desk
    CENTRO LIFT DESK The Centro Lift Desk features a micro-etched grey glass surface, user programmable digital keypad, and is available is two desktop sizes.