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NOVIA may appear to have the traditional styling of a classic piece of furniture, but a closer look reveals a wealth of unexpected innovation. Novia modernizes this simple design with features that include hidden wheels to ease cabinet movement and facilitate access to the back, cable management to keep your home theater neat and organized, and integrated ventilation to keep your components operating at peak levels. Novia builds on great ideas from the past to create a unit that is as beautiful as it is functional.

  • Novia 8421
    Novia 8421 Designed to make the most use of corner space. Integrates concealed speaker storage and media shelves. Removable back panel provides easy access to components.
  • Novia 8428
    Novia 8428 Enclosed cabinet with two lower component compartments and space for a gaming station. Flip-down door on top compartment conceals an additional component, center channel speaker or media.
  • Novia 8429-2
    Novia 8429-2 Wide cabinet with two side compartments, a removable speaker/media drawer and lower compartment. Center drawer removes to allow for speakers up to 8.5” tall.