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Corner Friendly media furniture

Sometimes the best place to put your TV is in the corner of a room, but many home theater models aren’t specifically designed to effectively use the space. BDI has you covered with a variety of models that are engineered to make the most use of corners. These home theater cabinets and TV stands provide flexibility and storage with a minimal footprint.

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  • Avion 8925
    AVION 8925 Two door cabinet with adjustable component compartments and versatile side compartments. With tapered back corners, this model makes excellent use of corners yet works perfectly against a flat wall.
  • Corridor 8175
    Corridor 8175 Two compartment-wide cabinet designed for use in a corner with a soundbar, TV and components.
  • Novia 8421
    Novia 8421 Designed to make the most use of corner space. Integrates concealed speaker storage and media shelves. Removable back panel provides easy access to components.