This all-natural furniture surfacing material provides an attractive matte appearance that is soft, durable, and pleasing to the touch. Comprised of linseed oil, wood flour, natural pigments, tree resins, and limestone, Forbo delivers a high-end finishing touch to modern furniture designs.

Well-suited for a wide range of everyday workplace tasks – from writing to daily computer use - Forbo furniture grade linoleum is resistant to fingerprints and spills, easy to refresh, and is renowned for its flexibility, elegance, and durability.

Comparable to the stylish and sophisticated feel of a leather desk blotter, Forbo surfaces can develop a beautiful natural patina over time. Thanks to the deep color that runs throughout the material, the surface can also be refinished many times.

Care is a simple task, usually requiring no more than a damp cloth or mild cleaning products. 

For additional daily care and maintenance recommendations, download our Forbo Care Guide.  

BDI Designs Featuring Forbo