2020 was a challenging year for most, in many ways. So if you're like the rest of us, you're probably ready to usher in a new--and hopefully better--year ahead. Though most of us are still laying low, you may be planning to welcome in 2021 with a few friends and family. And if you’re the host, you'll want to make sure you kick off the New Year right.

Here are some tips to help you host the perfect New Years party.

All That Glitters

A classic silver and gold theme can set a formal, elegant tone ideal for a New Years celebration. Want to spice it up a little bit? Throw in some tinsel and glitter for a little sparkle and on the big night, don’t be afraid of setting out some party hats and noisemakers. A cozy party doesn’t necessarily mean a quiet party, and trust us when we say it’s hard to have a bad time in a party hat.

Sound Advice

What’s a party without a little music? Start with something jazzy, throw in a few holiday classics, and get your guests groovin’ with some megahits from the past year in music. Music is the perfect icebreaker as it gets people on their feet, gets those vocal chords warmed up, and even encourages a few friendly conversations. 

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Make a Splash

Of course, some people need a little liquid courage to sing their favorite songs, show off a few dance moves, and strike up a conversation with a stranger. That’s where a couple of cocktails come into play. 

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Stock your bar with some signature liqueurs that add a little holiday flair. A splash of color can liven up any holiday drink like the electric green of Midori or the bright red of Compari. Toasty and toast-worthy darker liquors such as Scotch, whiskey or bourbon can also warm up any party. 

Keep it Bubbly

For those who prefer alternatives to cocktails, Champagne and Prosecco keep the conversation fizzy while designated drivers can still feel a part of the party with some sparkling water or non-alcoholic cider. Also have some red and white wines on hand, and ask your local wine-seller the history behind each. Most wine drinkers enjoy uncorking a good backstory. BDI’s Corridor Bar will keep everything organized and handy with its ample storage and modern design. 

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The Final Countdown

You’ve made it to midnight without dropping the ball (AKA: your party has been a success). Now it’s time to relax and actually enjoy the ball drop from Times Square, no matter where you are. 

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As the big moment approaches, keep the TV on mute and watch the year turn in high-definition. Count down your resolutions against a backdrop of fireworks, debate the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne,and propose a toast to the people who will make your 2021 a year to start anew.

Then pump up the volume and dance your way into the New Year in grand style. Happiest of New Years!