A Look at the Past and Future of the Home Furnishings Industry, and BDI’s Unique Place in the Market

BDI’s own Lorri Kelley spent some time with the Middle Market Thought Leader host, Jack Sweeney, to discuss where the furniture industry has been, where it’s going, and the role BDI plays in providing innovative solutions for home entertainment and office.

The following is a great overview from our company President on the growth of BDI, and how the company is uniquely positioned to anticipate and respond to consumers’ needs with thoughtful, timeless and functional design that also incorporates beautiful styling for today’s homes.

According to Kelley, “fortunately for BDI, we are true specialists and experts in function and design of media and office products and our customers just love buying from us.” In addition, because consumers today love to be connected through all the various devices they own, BDI is able to design product that has, “great function and is beautiful for your surroundings, with a more contemporary setting, and capitalizes on technology trends to keep everyone connected.”

Kelley adds that the future holds a lot of opportunities for, “great exciting new designs and innovations that you can help everybody in a beautiful environment be comfortable, be proud of their products and create amazing home environments — all while keeping us connected. That’s what BDI does so beautifully!”

You can also view this Middle Market Thought Leaders podcast episode on BDI’s YouTube channel or download it on iTunes