The coffee table is more than just where you set your mug or remote controls; it is often one of the focal points of any living space. 

Whether you go high or low, glass or wood, round, square or rectangular, the right coffee table - and table grouping - can show off your personality as well as providing useful storage. 

There are plenty of options available to consider, so here are a few helpful tips to consider when selecting the best coffee table for your home. 

Coffee tables are used for a variety of purposes, from putting your feet up to a place to set your drink down. With a little forethought and consideration of your available space and needs, selecting the perfect coffee table can be a simple task.

Make a Table of Contents

Make a list of your basic needs before you start looking. For gamers, a coffee table with built-in shelves provides easy-access storage for controllers and handheld devices, in addition to extra display space for your favorite coffee table books, remotes or other personal devices.  

For those who entertain at home, a taller table might be more convenient for serving wine and snacks to guests. If you find yourself working regularly from the couch, consider a mobile laptop table that is easy to maneuver. 

Give Yourself Some Space

Be sure to measure out the area where your table will reside, providing you with a better sense of what will fit the space best. Your coffee table should not be the same length as your couch; instead, there should be sufficient space to navigate around it. It should also be an arms’ length from the sofa or chair - generally between 12” and 18” - so that you can comfortably reach everything and stretch your legs. 

Keeping a uniform distance between your living room furniture and your table also creates a clean, streamlined appearance.

Nest is Best 

Table groupings that can be easily rearranged, reconfigured or nested according to available space, style, and need are a great solution for a number of seating arrangements, including sectional couches or in spaces where a smaller footprint is required.

Uniquely designed nesting tables like the Radius collection are also ideal when multiple display and surface space is desired.  

Go Simple and Sleek 

The style of your coffee table should complement the rest of your living room furniture. Pair a sofa or other seating with the balanced design of a glass-top table with a lower display / storage shelf. 

This stylish combination helps to create a sleek, streamlined and modern look.

Look Beyond the Surface

Glass tables can provide an airier look and feel to any room, and help to accentuate the carpet, rug or flooring beneath it. 

Chic, elegant and refined, glass tables also coordinate with a wide variety of home seating, color palettes, and room settings. 

The right coffee table can become the focal point of your living space, exhibiting your design aesthetic and personality, while also providing necessary storage.

Consider these recommendations when looking for a new coffee table or table grouping for your home, and be sure to check out BDI's beautiful table designs