Tis the season to go shopping! These words ring especially true this year because according to the National Retail Federation, consumers will spend an estimated $688 million during the holiday season--$33 million more than in 2016! What are consumers planning to purchase this season? More than one-third of people say they will buy new home electronics, while another 25% will purchase new home décor.

Since the holidays are the most popular time to upgrade on home entertainment equipment, TVs and other systems, it’s also an ideal time to make sure your home is ready to entertain! Whether it’s a movie marathon with the family or a festive party for guests, you want to be sure your setup helps to make the occasion memorable.

Here are some helpful tips on how to make that happen.

Room Decor 

No matter how incredible your entertainment and multimedia components may be, take care to incorporate your own personality into your home décor. 

For those whose entertaining center is located in the living room, be sure that your media furniture fits in with your overall décor and style, yet can still complement and help your new 4K OLED TV and sound system perform at their best. This includes innovative features like built-in soundbar platforms, IR friendly doors and integrated wire-management, standard on many BDI media cabinets

The Elements Media Console in Walnut is a beautiful, warm addition to any home theater

For those with a dedicated home theater room, the sky’s the limit on adding a personal flair. Whether you don the walls in vintage movie posters, or prefer a stadium-style experience, this room can stand out from other spaces in your home. 

Be sure to consider the viewing experience, and plan around your large projection screen, or mounted flat screen to create a truly theatrical movie-watching experience. 

BDI’s Corridor 8179 Cabinet lends itself to hosting the perfect movie night.

Light and sound

If you can’t properly see the screen or hear what’s playing, you are a far cry from creating the ideal movie theater experience.

Hanging light fixtures, natural lighting and even table lamps can often reflect off the screen and can cause uneven lighting conditions throughout the room.

Your best bet to ensure quality lighting is to go with voice or remote controlled recessed or dimmable lighting.

As for sound quality, remember that the flatter the screen, the more you will need to rely on speakers and soundbars for optimal sound. Choose a home theater cabinet that accommodates these components for the best results.

Also important to note: anyone not in your home theater shouldn’t be able to hear what you hear—and vice versa. You should soundproof the room as much as possible as a benefit to your home theater as well as the rest of your home. This isn’t as hard as it “sounds.” Sound-dampening materials such as sound-absorbent panels, insulating drapes or carpeting with a high sound-dampening rating are some easy ways to muffle unwanted noises. And for home theaters currently in construction, consider installing zero-sound drywall to keep things quiet.

Food and Drink

Here’s where you can add a little holiday flair to movie night. Preparing holiday-colored and flavored popcorn, or adding some red and green candies to the mix will give your favorite movie treat the look and taste of Christmas. 

The Verra Mobile Bar Cart is designed to take the party wherever it may lead

And what are the holidays without seasonal cocktails? Stock up a home bar with essentials for winter-warming beverages. Want something simple? Mix cinnamon whiskey with some hot apple cider or some chocolate liqueur with hot cocoa. If a meal is involved, remember every cup and plate needs a place to sit. Side tables and coffee tables set up where guests will be can help keep festivities ho-ho-humming along.

With a few of these tips in place, your home can turn into the ultimate entertaining center, ensuring there’s no place like home for the holidays!