Whether or not your shelves are stacked sky-high with the classics, or you use your shelving for office essentials and equipment, or you just utilize the space to collect odds and ends, it may be time to re-think your shelving set up.

Not sure where to start? Here are some of our suggestions:

Getting Shelves to Work for You

From an office space to a home entertainment set-up, your bookshelves can (and should) provide more than just aesthetics. 

Office shelving units should have room for printers, scanners, files and necessary books and manuals, and home entertainment shelving should have room for a flat screen TV as well as its components. 

Additionally, if you’re using bookshelves to hold electronics, make sure there’s ample ventilation and a wire management system to help with organization, set-up and maintenance.

Modular shelving is especially useful in home office spaces, where an office may have to share space with a bedroom or living area. 

A modular system can be configured to meet the exact needs of your space, as well as provide useful shelving or storage solutions for everyday use. 

Semblance Office provides ample room for storage of work files and other peripherals.

Taking a Look at Shelf-Storage

There are no rules that mandate bookcases must be open to display all things at all times. In fact, we believe that shelving systems are a great way to add storage to small spaces. 

Ideal shelving for most spaces will have some open areas, along with closed cabinets that can help with keeping things out of sight. That way, you have a place for essential items, but you’ll be keeping your shelves clean—not cluttered. 

Make it Unique to Your Space

Not all furniture is one size fits all. And luckily, bookshelves are among the easiest types of furniture to customize for personalized preferences. 

Aside from the color and what you choose to display, removing or adding a shelf can give your larger components a place to rest, or give you more surface area for displays, respectively. 

Putting multiple bookcases of the same make and model side by side will increase your storage/display space, but depending on the design, it can also serve as a modern and minimalistic type of wall art.

Eileen Blanc offers side-by-side set up for an extension of your bookcase needs.

Add a Little Color 

An open-shelved bookcase provides a great opportunity for some added interest in the background. 

For darker wood shelving, try painting the back wall with a light or soft shade to help the bookcase stand out. Conversely, a white or light wood shelf against a wall with a bold, bright hue or a darker shade will really pop.  As well as being functional, it’s a great way to add creativity to your space.

Don’t mistake a stocked shelf with a designed shelf. Take some time to really envision a bookshelf set up that not only provides you with the storage and display functions you need, but adds a bit of your personality to the space as well.