The shift in seasons has many of us yearning for a change. And as luck would have it, there is never a shortage of interior design and home decor inspiration. Rich tones, natural wood, and a touch of black are what’s to come this autumn and winter. 

Here are five Fall-related trends to help spark your imagination.

The changing season is a great opportunity to refresh your home decor with the colors, tones, materials, and fabrics of the season.


At long last, autumn is here. The dipping temperatures bring an urgency to reconnect with nature. And so, it should come as no surprise that the great outdoors has made its way into our interiors. Deep florals, hand-hewn wicker and woodland motifs don the home décor scene this season, bringing a fresh autumn flair to interior spaces.

Anchoring it all is wood — gorgeous, natural wood. Walnut is known for its especially beautiful grain, and stains that do more to accentuate than conceal will prove that Mother Nature really does know best.


From the growing “Hygge” (pronounced hoo-guh, meaning “to hug” or “console”) movement, to the clean, European styling the Danish are known for, Nordic design looks fresh and instantly light this year. 

It starts with simplicity. Think pieces made with Scandinavian-inspired minimalism in mind. It’s all about clean lines and light tones, such as BDI’s Radius console. But simple doesn’t mean staid. With the proper staples in place, it’s time to layer on the textures as well: sheepskin rugs, chunky hand-knit throws, beaded and tasseled pillows, and heavily embroidered poufs. The new Nordic also means cozier spaces throughout.


Sometimes more is, well, more. This is especially true for spaces meant for entertaining. So why not channel your inner Gatsby? This trend sees statement lightning pieces and furniture with Art Deco-inspired geometrics or rounded shapes. Luxury materials such as brass, marble and velvet all mix beautifully together to create sumptuous decorative details.

This trend is also bringing cocktail hour back in a big way, thanks to the home bar cabinet being a key furniture piece. So what do you say…straight up, or on the rocks?

Sainsbury's Midnight Opulence collection


Regardless of era or aesthetic, metals always play prominent. From farmhouse rustic to industrial chic, hardware has its place. Cold and impersonal? We say it’s anything but. When you think about it, metal pieces have something innately reminiscent of man’s progress. Metals must be mined, smelted and formed. They are a triumph in ingenuity.

Copper has reigned supreme for the past several years, which means it’s time for a new order. You can expect silver tones — whether brushed or satin finish — to see a resurgence. For those more adventurous, mixing metals is still very on-trend — just don’t overdo it.


The seers at the World’s Global Style Network (WGSN) have gazed into their crystal balls and declared matte black the “It” color of 2019. For home furnishings, this is an embrace of elegant simplicity.

Think of black in décor as you would salt in cooking. Too much overpowers, but just the right amount draws out and accentuates the other ingredients. Similarly, pops of black strategically placed around the room create a visual depth that in turn brings to life the colors and patterns in the space. From beautifully glazed ceramics, to matte finishes on a table or cabinet, black can be both subtle and bold.  

What trends will you be incorporating into your spaces this year? Let us know in the comments below.