This season, what better way to spread some holiday cheer than by treating your guests to a nicely crafted cocktail, or a fine bottle of wine. That means it’s time to make sure your home bar is well stocked because a bar without the right supplies is like a Thanksgiving turkey without the dressing and potatoes: sure, it works, but it’s missing some key ingredients. So where do you start? 

Here are some helpful tips and holiday-inspired drink recipes to get your home bar well-stocked and ready to entertain!

A well stocked bar ensures that you have everything on hand to host any holiday gathering, big or small.


Vodka is one of the most popular types of liquor in the world. Why? Because it’s versatile and mixes well with just about anything. Try this delicious, festive Thanksgiving cider:

Start by making some hot apple cider over the stove. Mix in some Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie vodka, a splash of club soda, and some fresh cinnamon sticks. The end result is a deliciously warm holiday treat that is perfect for rewinding after your turkey day feast.

If the juniper notes of gin are more your taste, go no further than a bottle of Hendricks. The Scottish-made gin is tonic’s perfect pair and is particularly delicious when garnished with a slice of cucumber.

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With the holidays comes colder weather, and when the temperatures start to dip, chances are one of your guests will prefer to warm up with a brown liquor like whiskey, bourbon, or scotch. Thankfully, when it comes to holiday drinks, these spirits can be just as easy to work with as a mixed concoction, or simply enjoyed on the rocks with a fresh orange garnish. Here’s a recipe for a timeless favorite, the classic Old Fashioned. In a rocks glass, muddle some sugar and a ¼ ounce of bitters. Add in one shot of bourbon, a splash of water, and a large ice cube. For a little extra flavor, twist in some slices of lemon and garnish with a cherry. It’s a classic drink that is sure to please!

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With subtle notes of vanilla and caramel that give it a rich, flavorful finish, spiced rum might as well be the official drink of the holiday season. Let’s keep it simple and mix up a drink that is the perfect partner for your Thanksgiving or holiday meals. 

In a small highball glass, pour in an ounce of Captain Morgan’s Original spiced rum and four ounces of eggnog. Stir together, top with a pinch or two of nutmeg, and serve. The end result is a creamy concoction that your guests can enjoy with their favorite dessert, whether it is pumpkin pie or reindeer-shaped cookies.


For any well-stocked bar, mixers are a must. Let’s take the drinks we mentioned above for example. You’ll find that a number of simple cocktails can be fashioned with the addition of items like tonic water, club soda, and bitters. Keep a bottle of Angostura aromatic bitters on hand for that Old Fashioned, and some San Pellegrino sparkling water on hand for clear liquors.

Complete your mixer collection with a simple bottle of ginger ale, perfect to mix with any liquor, and just as handy to help soothe the not-so-settled tummies for the morning after.

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After a long day of slaving over the stove, it’s understandable that you might not want to put a lot of effort into your nightcap. Thus, a staple of any bar is a fine selection of wines and beers.

For those who don’t go for the cocktails, a choice of various white and red wines, along with signature (or even local and craft beers) is a welcome addition. Most wine or liquor stores can help guide you to some good finds that are also well priced. Plus, many of the top wine magazines will provide their yearly top picks.

The best thing about the holidays is enjoying time with friends and family, and a well-stocked bar is a perfect way to express your personal style and tastes with loved ones.

Be sure your bar includes all of the necessary components that will create a few holiday memories but also houses your own personal favorites. If you don’t currently own a home bar, take a look at the beautiful bars that BDI has to offer, to ensure that you are ready to entertain in style.

Here’s to a festive holiday season!